Don’t be a Fashion Faux Pas…

  Listen ladies, we all like to look classy, but don’t mistake classy for trashy. While style rules seem to change from day-to-day, savvy women know how to put a wardrobe together so that they’re always appropriately dressed. Avoid some common fashion mistakes and you’ll be a fashion “do” wherever you go. Look at yourself in the mirror…if you don’t think what you are wearing is appropriate or that it doesn’t match, it probably doesn’t…turn your ass around and march back into your closet and put something else on! Do us all a favor! Save your reputation too. People remember when you wear something awful…you want to leave a good taste in their mouth so that they’ll always remember that “LBD” that you wore to the office holiday party, or the suit that you wore to a friend’s wedding.

Even stylish divas can sometimes take a wrong turn when getting dressed, but these style missteps are easily avoided if you take care with your clothing choices. Don’t let these eight fashion faux pas for women happen to you! It’s not too late to turn around an as Michael Jackson sang it… “Make a Change”

  1. Don’t mix prints, ever, ever ever:  Please ladies, listen to me… don’t mix and match! Compliment plaid, and paisley prints, or  polka dots, but for goodness sakes, don’t wear them together. When it comes to prints, you can be daring; just don’t clash. Choose one pattern you love and wear it on a body part you want to emphasize. This is your outfit’s focal point and the best way to draw attention there is to keep the rest of your ensemble more subdued. Wear a ruffled, polka-dotted top if you want to show off a great neck, but keep your pants or skirt solid. You don’t want to clash…and you certainly don’t want to give everyone in the room a headache. That’s what will happen you know….if you have too many colors and patterns on, you’ll look more like a roadmap, going in a dozen different directions, and you’ll cause a real crash all right…Unless your name is Nicky Minaj, or Lady Gaga..don’t even think about it!
  2. Good Lord, lose the panty lines: This isn’t 1950. Thongs, boyshorts, something just leave the granny panty type out of the equation, please! With the many underwear choices available today, no woman should be caught out with panty lines showing through her skirt or slacks. Wear thongs under clingy bottoms and low-cut underwear beneath low-rise pants. A quick peek in your mirror before you leave home should tell you whether or not your panties are showing.
  3. Evening wear during the day is a BIG NO NO!!!! Sequins and rhinestones only belong on rodeo queens during daylight hours. Otherwise, save your bling-bling garments for after five and when we’ve all had a few drinks at happy hour,..then your awful apparel won’t look so damn loud!
  4. Not dressing your age? If you’re in your mid to late 40s, act like it, don’t wear your daughter clothes! There’s a reason many department stores separate Junior fashions from Women’s styles — younger women dress differently than their mothers. Low-rise hipster jeans and lace leggings are more appropriate to the younger set. This doesn’t mean that women over a certain age must dress in a dowdy fashion. There are elegant and stylish choices for women of all ages. Don’t make the mistake of dressing like the teenage girl next door if you’ve already waved bye-bye to your 20s.
  5. Too many accessories: Unless your name is “Mr. T” don’t wear a lot of bling, especially not out in public. Your jewelry will pack a bigger punch if it’s not lost among a sea of other accessories. A pair of earrings, a bracelet or watch and a couple of rings are all you need to get through any occasion. Chunky jewelry, especially, should be kept to a minimum. Select one big piece as a focal point and leave it at that.
  6. Don’t follow the wrong trends: Many runway trends don’t make it to stores because they’re so extreme. If you’re a slave to fashion, don’t make the mistake of following every single fad. Style-smart women know which trends work for their body types and which don’t. You’ll need to figure out what looks best on your body shape and then shop accordingly.
  7. If you think it’s a bad fit,…then it probably is: You should always feel comfortable in your clothing. Constantly tugging, pulling and adjusting your outfit are all signs of a poor fit. Women need to be realistic about their true sizes — don’t buy a size 8 when you know you’re a size 10. Your clothing will be tight and uncomfortable, which takes away from a confident appearance. Similarly, don’t buy sizes that are much too large; they will just create the appearance if extra weight.
  8. Does it show too much skin? No time for slutty or tacky sister, shape up and go for classy.There’s a time and a place for cleavage or sheer clothing, so make sure you pick the right time and place. Meeting your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, a church picnic or the workplace are not places to wear your most revealing clothes. Even if your bustline is your best asset, a little modesty goes a long way toward making a good first impression and looking like a professional.

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