Who says….”Relationships are Easy?”

Do we know the formula for a happy relationship? Well, truth be told, if we did, no one would be single, and divorce attorneys would be seeking a new career path!  The success of the relationship is dependent on the people who build it! A relationship defines the moral fiber of the people involved and magnifies not the individual but their shared characteristics. Although there are no absolute ingredients that will make a relationship lasting, there are some rules that will help guide you before engaging in any relationship to assist you in determining your key factors to make it work. Communication is key, I say it over and over a million times.

I. Relationships are never limited. There are no barrier walls in relationships. A happy relationship does not mean that you continue to stay together even if its taking away the best of you. A happy relationship is self-nurturing, brings out your best potential and unselfish. One must not treat every relationship as their last hope. It should be enjoyed. Love after all is supposed to be very unconditional.

II. Realize that you are a person with individuality. You are nothing like the next person and you should be proud of who you are! You must not make your life depend on your partner. Love them, but always leave time for you to keep in tune with your inner feelings. A relationship must be shared together and not become the basis of your existence. believe it or not, you can live without this person. Retain your self and never lose it in the course of the whole relationship. Remain strong and guarded to a certain degree, but understand that in order to love again, you have to allow yourself to love. Dee I know you are reading this and saying to yourself, she needs to take her own medicine on this one…I’m trying.

III. Research and review your own relationship patterns. They say we have ‘by nature’ an attraction to the wrong kind of people. For instance, I always like the bad boys and they ALWAY let me down and burn me time and time again. This is where giving gentlemen is actually a two way street and you have to follow the road. You don’t! It’s not your way or the highway. If you are like I am, and you have the unfortunate ability to be smart as a whip in some departments but awful choosing Mr Right for yourself, look the other way and go with a new approach. Do not be stuck in choosing the same kind of person over and over again, what happens? Duhh…you get hurt and you like myself, truly deserve to find real happiness. Evaluate past relationships and identify what went wrong. Some qualities may not be right for you. Choose the person wisely and be in love for the right reasons. I didn’t say material possessions, I said right reasons, such as he is cute, and sweet and knowledgable, and witty and funny, giving, etc.

IV. Don’t hide your feelings, it may be that you only have a few good opportune times to truly show them and you don’t want to blow it. How do you get someone to respect you? Well, try this out for size,…develop open communication. It is the only way to ensure you do not get into misunderstandings. Be very vocal but tactful in expressing your feelings and at the same time be sensitive to your partner’s needs.

V. Be wary of the signs. ‘True and Fake’ affection are easy to perceive. No one wants to be with some dimwit half ass phony. If your partner shows signs of not being true, do not be afraid to confront the truth. It might save you weeks, months or even years of misery…PLEASE, heath the warning, see the red flags and listen to your gut. A person can hide their spots for a short while, but eventually, they come out and honey, it isn’t pretty!

VI. Accept that not all relationships last. There will be times when you might encounter a failed relationship. Cry and be over with it. Shed those tears and act like a real adult. Do not over indulge in your misery but instead move on. Use the experience and knowledge that you gathered in your past to do better the next time. When you do find it, and I mean real true love, it’ll make you feel like a kid again, and honestly, there is nothing better than feeling like your feet are ten feet off the ground.




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