All Work and No Play?

We have all been guilty of this in the past, and we will continue to be guilty of it in the future…It’s always something work related! There is a pressing assignment or task that needs to be completed and five o’clock comes and you still are not done, so you take the work home with you, right? Wrong, you really should leave it at the office…..

 After a long day at work, you need to unwind. There are so many things that must be done when you are home, that you find yourself staying up until ungodly hours of the morning to complete the work that you’ve set aside for weeks, even months so you stay up late and do it all until you are exhausted, and now with little or no sleep….Then you get to work the next day, you are lethargic, tired, and stressed, making it difficult for you to pay attention and stay focus. This begins a pattern which is hard to break way from. Taking your work home from the office regularly is not a good idea. Don’t do it! Don’t allow yourself to become buried in work both in the office and at home. Get your life and your desk organized and prioritize!! First things first……

 I do understand that in order to be there for others and to be successful, you have to put you in first priority. Know what stresses and agitates you the most and determine how to keep them in tact so you can put your best foot forward. If you are in the position to delegate duties and work to others in the office, please do so. Guys you aren’t Superman,…so don’t feel like you have to do any and everything when there are others that have been hired to assist you. Delegating and giving up duties to others will keep you focused and on track, leaving you plenty of time to do the things that you want to do in your spare time. If you don’t have spare time, we’ve got even bigger problems here! You need to make the time! There is nothing wrong with bringing a little work home with you occasionally. Organize your desk so that you have the important things that you need at your finger tips. All work and no play makes for a disaster and that’s not good for any relationship!

Find something that will take your mind off of work and recharge you!


This gives clearing your schedule a whole new meaning….




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