Do Love Spells Work?

Throughout history we’ve all heard that old saying “I’d like to put a spell on you” and when we hear it, most often more so than not we wonder how a couple is brought together by a few mere words, or gestures? It’s all in planning, and timing. What is it that naturally turns a man or woman on most? Many would think the patterns of sexual behavior, but they couldn’t be more wrong. It is the sound of your voice, plain and simple. How you carry your tone is like how you wear your lingerie. If you wish to come across as sexy and desirable, then you use a soft tone yet one that stresses your confidence level.  I’ve listed a few things that others have commented on. What are the best loves spells? How do you keep this magical person once your entice them? Be yourself, and carry a cheery disposition,…who wouldn’t simply love you?

1. The best love spell is the sound of your voice. That’s right sister…so please, pay attention….and speak naturally. Often we let the mask of personality cloud our true feelings about someone. If you like someone let them know. They have no clue whether you like them or not so somehow you need to get your real feelings out there. Your feelings represent how you are at a soul level. It is important to express them. In social situations we have to mask our real inner feelings but in love we need to express our warmth.

2. The best love spell is the positive energy you have around you. Radiate the best feelings you are capable of at all times. This is more than acting it is naturally feeling good about what you do and what you are. If you do not feel good within it may be time to look at that. Good feelings create a good vibe and this attracts. You bring in new uplifting people into your life with the upbeat vibration.

3. Respect the energy of others. This means be kind and respectful at all times. If you treat others in a way only to get something from them this will wreck your energy and pull you down. Each human being has some of the divine energy within and if your treat others with this feeling in mind it shows and they feel your actions of respect.



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