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For so long I have been asked, why do you sell lingerie? They can’t seem to understand it, so I tell them that I do it because I love to wear it, and those who do wear it gives them a sense of confidence that shines from the inside out. Everyone has their own sense of style, and likes a certain fit. Find what works best for you and your body.What looks good on you may not at all look well on myself.

At we take great pride in hand selecting each item with you, our customer in mind. We are in business, because “you” are our business and we thank you so graciously! Never heard of us? Don’t take our word that we’re good and that we have kick ass customer service, Google us. Bing us, Yahoo, and MSN search us and you will see that we stand behind our name, and our reputation is what will drive our lingerie boutique to the top!  


 What types of sexy mens underwear do we carry? I’m glad that you asked!

Boxer shorts

Most of us are familiar with the all-around-elastic shorts. They have the advantage of offering completely free leg movement. I am a fan of boxer shorts because you can find them in all variety of styles, materials, prints and designs to fit best your Romeo.

I believe they are the most flattering style of underwear. Most boxer shorts have an opening in the front. The opening can be closed with a button or left alone as the design allows for the material to overlap and fully cover the opening.


1) In an emergency if the guy has to run away wearing only his undies, at least they can pass as shorts

2) They hide quite a large area so there is room for imagination.

 3) They have plenty of room for nature’s work.


The Jockey-style briefs appeared in the late 1930s. Personally, I cannot think about briefs without thinking about Homer Simpson! But having a quick look at the latest trends it appears that briefs are not that “bad” at all anymore. Companies have made briefs fashionable and I must admit with much effort, they are naturally quite sexy. The classic brief is an underwear staple. If you’re looking for the perfect brief to stock up on, start buying the 100% cotton essential that’s super soft and easy to wear.

Boxer briefs

Boxer-briefs are longer than regular briefs, but are fitted so men feel more comfortable: A compromise between boxers and briefs. They are mostly worn by the sporty man as they offer good support but look sexy. They look great in well-built bodies and women drool when we see our men in them. These are probably the ones that I love the most. They are sexy and a super big turn on.

G-String or Thong Underwear

Named after the G-string on a guitar, it is a type of thong with a very minimal amount of fabric and a string-like appearance. In all seriousness, people ask me (mostly men) from time to time….Michele, who actually wears these besides strippers? Does anyone actually know a guy who owns one of these? Oh,…you’d be surprised. A lot of men wear these, and they love them!

Buy yours today! Our site is about to add new selections to the Gentlemen’s Section. Check us out!


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