Insecurities With Your Body….Do You Have Them?

Do you often feel bad, embarrassed and insecure about your body? Is your insecurity about your body preventing your relationship with your partner from having a good and healthy sex life? Are you obsessed with the way your body looks regardless of what everyone else tells you? The following tips will help you conquer your body insecurity and start having a more open and healthy sexual and intimate relationship with your partner:

 Stop Playing the Victim. If you know what bothers you about your body, then work on a plan that will help you improve the area(s) that make you feel insecure. Nothing will get done alone or with wishful thinking. If you are serious about making changes and really want a close, open and intimate relationship with your partner, then you will make the effort to give yourself the confidence you need. Hey, I know that I need to lose 20 pounds. Menopause and poor eating habits were my excuse, then throw in stress and before you know it your dryer is shrinking all of your clothes and they stop fitting! Does this happen to you too?

 How about: Stick to your Plan?  Do you ever get side tracked? I sure do. There will be times when you will feel weak and want to go back to your old habits and ways. To prevent from doing so, be sure to remind yourself of how you felt when you were following your old patterns. Do you want to go back to feeling down and confident-less? No! So be strong and remind yourself of why you are making these changes in the first place. Nothing is more important than achieving the happiness you deserve and the close intimate connection you and your partner need to have with each other. Get ont he treadmill, or the Gazelle….pull those weights out from under the bed..dust them off and use them…,yes they actually do have a purpose.

 Do Not set Unrealistic Deadlines. Avoid setting deadlines that are unrealistic for you. By setting unrealistic deadlines, you will only feel pressured and stress and when you reach your deadline and see that you did not accomplish what you have hoped for, you will be disappointed and give up. Remember, good things take time and patience and you deserve the patience and quality time and efforts that go into yourself, so just take it one day at a time and do not beat yourself up…who needs the stress? I don’t, and you shouldn’t want it either.

 Stay Positive. In order to achieve the satisfying physical changes you are dreaming of, you will need to make some mind adjustments first. Look in your mirror right now and smile…A healthy mind equals a healthy body, because your positive thinking will give you the encouragement and strength needed to push yourself to your limits and make your dreams come true. You will be with yourself for the rest of your life, so start being your own best friend and feed yourself healthy doses of positive thoughts that will keep you going so you can get the self-confidence you need to feel free when intimate with your lover. In order to feel good you have to look good. DOn’t beat yourself up…take one day at a time and stick with your plan…before you know it you’ll be feeling great and regain that confidence in the bedroom that you used to have.  Before you can make someone else happy you have to “love you!”





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