Menopause….Have You Been Packing On Pounds?

Menopause weight gain: OMG…Make it Stop!

Well it sure stinks to be a woman sometimes…..we’re hot then we’re cold, we’re crying then laughing…now gaining weight? I was looking good for my age then one day I woke up a month ago and my whole entire shape felt different. I fear the scale and it’s still packed so I haven’t a clue where it is or what the reading will be if it is even correct. Please tell me that I am not the only one experiencing this? I feel like I have gained 10-15 pounds in little over a month. Am I slacking? Am I eating too much, not enough of the right foods or healthy foods? ….Listen, I work out, (yes I do) and I eat healthy, I get enough sleep, I am a happy gal with no problems., except for the fact that this weight won’t come back off!? this is just awful! As you get older, you may notice that maintaining your usual weight becomes more difficult. In fact, the most profound weight gain in a woman’s life tends to happen during the years leading up to menopause (peri-menopause). Weight gain after menopause isn’t inevitable, however. You can reverse course by paying attention to healthy-eating habits and leading an active lifestyle.


What causes menopause weight gain?

 The hormonal changes of menopause may make you more likely to gain weight around your abdomen, rather than your hips and thighs. What if you gain around all three of these areas, someone I may know….Hormonal changes alone don’t necessarily trigger weight gain after menopause, however. Instead, the weight gain is usually related to a variety of lifestyle and genetic factors. Genetic? Great, remind me to thank my mom and her deceased relatives! They might have had this happen but why me? Hasn’t my body been through enough for crying out loud?

 For example, menopausal women tend to exercise less than other women, which can lead to weight gain. In addition, muscle mass naturally diminishes with age. If you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose, your body composition will shift to more fat and less muscle — which slows down the rate at which you burn calories. If you continue to eat as you always have, you’re likely to gain weight.

 For many women, genetic factors play a role in weight gain after menopause. If your parents or other close relatives carry extra weight around the abdomen, you’re likely to do the same. Sometimes, factors such as children leaving — or returning — home, divorce, the death of a spouse or other life changes may contribute to weight gain after menopause. For others, a sense of contentment or simply letting go leads to weight gain.


How risky is weight gain after menopause?

 Weight gain after menopause can have serious implications for your health. Excess weight increases the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. In turn, these conditions increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Excess weight also increases the risk of various types of cancer, including colorectal cancer and breast cancer. In fact, some research suggests that gaining as little as 4.4 pounds (2 kilograms) at age 50 or later could increase the risk of breast cancer by 30 percent.


What’s the best way to prevent weight gain after menopause?

 There’s no magic formula for preventing or reversing weight gain after menopause. Simply stick to weight-control basics: eat healthy, diet and exercise. Take control of “your life” back! Get mad, scream, shake the scale….then hit the trails, pull out the treadmill, count your calories again and take your vitamins!

It really isn’t easy getting older,…. actually all of this stuff sucks, was this part of the plan, if so,….I had no idea…I want my life back. I thought I was in my prime, and now…well now I feel like the Good Year Blimp.





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