Holiday Shopping…and the TRUE Meaning of Christmas!

For so many of us, the holidays are about giving, family and love. Holiday shopping is that time when we make purchases for our loved ones, friends, coworkers to show them our appreciation for all that they do. There are those who will argue with you and tell you that we’ve forgotten what Christmas is all about. Really? Yes, some of us certainly have. I suppose that in a way, that statement is and or can be true.

 When I grew up it was all about family. Waking up on Christmas morning to a room filled with gifts wrapped by Santa. We were amazed when all that we asked for was under the tree. As kids, we had no idea how much time energy and cash was put into making memories, or what our parents had to do to get these gifts, nonetheless what it cost them. So many things we took for granted… Sure we did, we were kids. How many of you did it too? What I never realized though until I became a parent was the love that went into everything that led up to Christmas morning. Yes sure it was the birth of Christ and that is what is celebrated. We see it all wrong today because stores and money and obsession took over….but really, if you were raised in a household like I was where we were taught at a young age what the true meaning of Christmas really was…you would agree that love, kindness and compassion are and do still exist in many many households. I was so very fortunate to have a loving family that did everything in their power to make our life good. If sharing and caring was only for Christmas Day as some say it is, then it would have been Christmas everyday at our house.

 My parents took us to church. I was raised Catholic and we attended mass weekly. I think that a lot of people can walk through the doors of a church and say that they went on Saturday, or Sunday…but did they get anything out of it or were they there to put in an appearance? Christmas is a time of year where we celebrate and we give. This holiday season, if you can afford to give to those who cannot…please do so. It will make you feel so good. There are adults and children that don’t have gifts to open on Christmas morning for a lot of reasons. I was a very fortunate child and blessed every holiday. Some people are not so lucky.

 While you are out and about this holiday season, remember what Christmas is truly all about and donate your time or money to a charity that needs your help. Give generously to those in need. When my kids were younger and after my divorce I decided that they were going to learn what it was to truly give. Each year I took 2 gifts that they really wanted away from them and asked them to use the money that those gifts would have cost to select and shop for a child or family that was without.

 At first my kids hated the fact that they had to give something up. Yes we spoil our kids and do too much for them sometimes…BUT my kids learned a very valuable lesson which was that love comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Until you see what so many people have so little of, you won’t or can’t possibly understand what I am saying here. We do take things for granted…but what about that family whose parent lost his/her job and they cannot afford a tree let alone gifts? Who is going to tell their kids that Santa skipped their house? Giving out of love is what kids need today.

 Call your local churches and shelters and ask “HOW CAN I MAKE A DIFFERENCE?” You want to feel like a good person? Try this and I guarantee you…you’ll never let a family go hungry again at the holidays. My children learned because they saw the joy in other kids eyes when we dropped Christmas trees off in the inner city to those who couldn’t afford one. My kids learned that they didn’t need these material things at all. They learned to shop for kids whose lists consisted of tooth brushes and food. One year my daughter chose a girls name who was 9 years old and what did she want for Christmas? A blanket to keep her and her little sister warm at night. She didn’t ask for toys….but warmth.

 Yes, while your spoiled kids, like mine were, sat at home playing the X Box or whatever else was popular asking for the latest games or toys, these kids wanted to stay warm and have food to eat. Teach your kids regardless of their age to do what I did. I can assure you that they will grow to teach others what they learned. It will also teach them great values and morals of life and love.

 For the last several years, my daughter and son have continued to shop for less fortunate kids and families. My son who works in retail bought gifts of clothes for those who had very little. Coats, gloves, scarves, slippers, whatever was on his list he purchased because people requested these items. My daughter works for a large oil company and started a committee at the office to collect for families who needed assistance. Not only did she do this but she started a team to shop for children with cancer that were in the hospitals. They bought thousands of dollars worth of gifts for families who spent their holiday in the hospital with their children who probably wouldn’t be around next Christmas because these kids were so ill. Tell me now…why are we all so selfish? If everyone would pitch in and do what I raised my kids to do as a single mother…this world would be a much better place. In retrospect, it’s not at all about what you have, it’s about what you can give. Some of us celebrate the holidays differently according to religion. We should all respect that. Giving is something that we can all do regardless of religion, so giddy up!

 I challenge all of you to do something for those less fortunate than you and I. Give the gift of love by giving back to those around you who can’t give themselves. Donate to a charity, feed the homeless for the holiday, buy someone a Christmas tree and decorations, make a family dinner, give a child something special to open on Christmas morning. Do these things out of love. I believe in Karma. There was one time when I couldn’t afford a lot but even then I taught my kids to share what we did have. When you crawl into your nice warm bed tonight, remember the little girl that my daughter bought for who only asked for a blanket for Christmas.

 BTW- when my daughter read that, she balled like a baby. What did she do? She went to Target and bought one of every color blanket for this family so they would never be cold again. You will feel so good about what you did, and if you don’t I feel sorry for you, because love isn’t a Mercedes Benz with a red ribbon in the driveway, or a diamond necklace, or a bigger house,or the latest video games….love is giving to those unconditionally without cause. I challenge you this holiday season to go without something that you really want to give to those who “really need!” You want to do something with your money…share it this holiday season. Remember, Christmas is love, and peace on earth.






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