Sexy Lingerie…We’ve Got It!

What is it about a woman and lingerie that is so captivating, intriguing and stunning? Where might one go to find it? Simply Delicious Lingerie, that’s where. No you aren’t followed around a store by a sales clerk,  you can shop with confidence, and know that your confidentiality and respect will be earned by us. What do women think about intimate apparel?  Well, It’s honestly not at all uncommon for a woman to own extremely sexy lingerie that she likes the look of, but it’s just not a flattering look when she actually wears it. That is one reason why it’s important to be sensible when picking out intimate apparel – or really any kind of apparel. Remember that in order for people to view you as sexy, you have to feel it yourself first.

Treat yourself to a spa treatment or something similar and it will boost your efforts to look  and feel even more attractive because you’ll just feel so good! When it comes to women’s lingerie, mixing it up is important to keep things fresh. Try various types of different sexy lingerie and remember which ones look best on you. Most Basques will shape your silhouette, and all babydolls will make you feel irresistible, but you mustn’t forget about sexy corsets and all benefits they bring in. That will make it much easier to find the perfect piece for your ensemble. These are the basic rules of lingerie shopping, and they’re something that every woman should keep in mind.

 When it comes to sexy lingerie, all women – no matter what sizes or types their bodies are – want just two things from it and those things are to look good and feel good. If wearing lingerie doesn’t make a woman feel sexy, then clearly there’s a problem. Lingerie must be enticing both visually and sensuality and make a woman look beautiful while also setting the right mood. Ultimately, a good piece of intimate apparel should be able to pull a man’s attention away from anything.

 Let’s do a run down of the history of lingerie, shall we? It’s hard to believe how quickly women’s lingerie has evolved in the 1900’s. Prior to the 1920’s, lingerie was long and fully covered a woman’s assets. While it might have been sexy enough for men back then since all they could see of a woman not in lingerie was her face, it certainly wouldn’t cut it now. Thankfully, women started taking a stand for themselves and showing men that they were beautiful, and they started by showing more skin.

There isn’t much to the history of sexy teddies, but the transition is certainly an interesting one. As women began to bare more skin and wear shorter skirts, they no longer could wear the long bulky women’s underwear of the day. Once mini-skirts came into the picture, sexy teddies did too. During the 1920’s when teddies made their first appearance, they still provided a lot of coverage for a woman from her chest to her hips, but it was still much more appealing than the previous garments women had to wear under their large dresses.

At the time, teddies were more for comfort and less for sex appeal, although famous women who would do pin-ups embellished the traditional teddy for photo shoots. On average, the teddy wouldn’t show more skin when considered “sexy” but would have better embroidery and special designs which made them more attractive. While teddies still existed after the 1940’s, they were hardly the talked about style for women’s underwear. During that time other lingerie styles such as babydolls and the extremely showing thongs and g-strings had taken the front of the market. In the 1990’s, teddies were able to make a comeback although they had to take on some of the traits of the new forms of sexy lingerie.

Unlike the original teddy from the 1920’s, the new 1990 sexy teddies were scandalous. They showed a lot of skin by either using a sheer fabric or the design of the teddy itself was altered so that coverage was less and less. The length of the hips shortened so that a teddy would just cover a woman’s private area, and some of them even had a thong backing to show off a woman’s posterior.

Even sexy teddies of today still tend to cover women more than most types of lingerie so bodysuits and  teddies will often be in the same category. Traditionally bodysuits would cover the entire body, but now even a full coverage teddy might be considered a bodysuit as well. While bodysuits haven’t undergone the same test of time that sexy teddies have, both types of women’s lingerie have found their niche in the modern world and are still evolving as women’s and men’s taste in sexual appeal changes. Stop by our website and browse our wide selection of stunning lingerie. Our staff is here to answer any questions, or Q&A Fashionista Tantalizing Tina is here to assist you in selections or to voice her opinion, and although she is not an expert licensed in the field she is intelligent and loved by so many.  Any Q&As need to be addressed through myself first and I forward all inquires to the column writers. is the best way to reach me.

Every woman is beautiful just with he own natural graces, but that doesn’t mean that beauty can’t be enhanced a bit. That’s what women’s lingerie is for. The key to choosing the right intimate apparel is to find the right mix of sex appeal and comfort. However, finding the perfect selection of lingerie can be a bit of a chore simply because there are so many choices available. Stop by and shop with us!  Spend $100 or more and get FREE SHIPPING in the USA only through the holidays. Spend $50 or more and save $10 off your order. At checkout enter code: 10-OFF and save! Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you. we appreciate you stopping by.



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