A New Kind Of Plus Size Lingerie…

Every woman is unique, alluring, sexy, sensual, intriguing, eloquent, and beautiful in her own way. Every woman wants to feel good about herself and be comfortable in her own skin regardless of her size or shape. When it comes to self confidence I truly believe that it comes from within. To feel positive and strongly about yourself is important. It doesn’t matter what size you are, how you are shaped, or how beautiful you are. Our line of lingerie products have been designed for the woman who feels classy both inside and out. We want to stand out amongst the other lingerie shops. At Simply Delicious Lingerie we are driven to serve you with extreme care, confidentiality and respect to keep you coming back time and time again……

 Our motto is and always has been; Your appearance starts with your lingerie. Dress for the job that you want, not for the job you have. Whether you are making a purchase for yourself, a friend, family member, lover, or partner, let the lingerie be as exquisite as the outfit you are wearing. Smile, hold your head high and know that no matter who you are, where you go, or how you feel that you are “Simply Delicious!”

 We have promised you a sister site and we are striving to give you everything you desire and then some. Simply Luscious Lingerie, our plus size lingerie boutique in coming soon and we ask that you please be patient with us and our staff. We intend for it to be alluring, classy, satisfying and Sophisticating. Our prices will be amazing and our selections mouth watering! This store is “ALL ABOUT YOU!”

 Stay tuned for more updates and have a very Happy Holiday! Shop http://www.simplydeliciouslingerie.com/ for savings and great gift ideas and be sure to check out our plus size section! Save $10 on $50. Use code: 10-OFF.

Shop with us on Saturday November 26 and when you spend $50 we’ll give a gift as a super incentive gift retail valued at $24.99 just to say thanks for shopping with us! Free shipping in the USA only with orders over $100. Don’t forget to sign up and get registered with American Express to take part in this great event on “Shop Small” Saturday. Support us and your other favorite small businesses! Thank You!



Simply Delicious Lingerie

Simply Luscious Lingerie



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