Advertising for Adults ONLY

Hello Everyone!  I  would like to take a few minutes to talk to you about a new company that I was recently introduced to  that benefits not only the adult consumer/buyer, rather also the business owner whose business is a little too risque’ for Groupon, Living Social Deals and so many others. I’m here to discuss a new company called ‘Rated R Deals.’

Meet  Allan Heath, owner of ‘Rated R Deals.’ Allan and I were connected through LinkedIn. Allen is a 32 year old internet marketing consultant from Toronto Canada. You may ask “Why did Allan start this business” That answer is quite simple actually… Allan, a business savvy gentleman a lot like myself would like to give the public what so many other companies refuse to allow for a variety of reasons…adult fun.

Allan got tired of opening emails day in and day out only to see the same ole’… same ole’ coupons for things he had absolutely no interest in. There was nothing exciting that really caught his eye so he created ‘Rated R Deals” with the idea in mind that he would be able to cater to every day adults and their individual needs. Currently his focus has been on products, services and content from the adult industry. Thus far this business has been based on products and content from the adult industry, however the original plan included creating deals with night clubs, head shops, online gaming/casino/poker, etc.

 ‘Rated R Deals’ was launched in August 2011 with some small successes, along with feedback from a small consumer base. From there Allan built this business based on his knowledge and wit to create an image that would be designed entirely for the adult industry that was seeking a way of advertising and increasing exposure, growing their own businesses and developing business relationships in a network that is like that of no other, a one of a kind so to speak market. No longer are you scolded for owning a business that is designed for the adult world. Let this be your time to shine. Discover this new found place where you can advertise what makes your company so unique!

This is an amazing idea that Allan had and he is growing each and every day. In my personal and professional opinion as a business owner myself of  and  I highly recommend that you get in touch with Allan to advertise your business. With his help, I believe that it will allow your ROI to soar.  After all, isn’t that what owning a small business is all about…generating revenue for growth?

Follow me as I will be running specials on Allan’s website for my women’s intimate apparel boutiques. As you begin to climb the business networking ladder in this industry you’ll meet a variety of other business owners. Whether you have been in business for a week or several years, don’t pass this wonderful opportunity up to advertise on ‘Rated R Deals.’ I highly recommend and endorse Allen Heath and wish him all the success in his new business venture.

I’ll be advertising my lingerie businesses with Allan and I am asking you to please contact him for rates and advertising specials in your area today! Join in now as this business is growing quickly! This is your chance to make your mark in the adult industry. Visit Allan’s website at;  and allow Allan to assist you in creating your business opportunity in the adult entertainment community. Contact Allan today, tell him Michele sent you, you’ll be happy that you did!


Michele Savin, Owner/CEO

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Simply Luscious Lingerie

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