Disappointment When you Trust a Big Name Company…

Have you ever wondered, or asked yourself, “where did I go wrong?” …only to realize that you did all that you could have and still came up with the short end of the stick? If you are a small business owner like myself who is the newbie on the block, beware of the big bad companies out that there that make you promises and don’t follow through with them.Trust me, there are plenty! In my case, this big bad company has a name that many many customers us, confide in, and trust, just as I did.  I suppose that I let my ‘soft side’ get in the way with business as I am probably one of the nicest women you’ll ever meet. I do what I can for my friends, family, coworkers, the community and I donate generously to those charities and organizations that need it when I am able to do so.

There are times when my children and I went without to make someone else happy nevertheless, we never complained. Unconditional love is not just about what you do for your family and loved ones, it what you can do for total strangers just the same. When I was younger it seemed impossible to me that doing something so basic could lead to great success. It always seemed as though there was much more to the equation, or so I thought.  It never ceases to amaze me at the number of people who fail to deliver on their commitments. The old cliché of “over-promising and under-delivering” has sadly become all too commonplace in the business world. Is it really that hard to fulfill on promises made? This is the trap I was caught in. They promised me things and never explained to me what went into the building of a website. No one ever stated to me what had to be done, or explained what they were going to do, or give me options. Everyone should have options. In my case, this did not happen. I trusted this company and because of my trust, it allowed them to walk all over me. I frequently observe people who have actually come to expect failure. Furthermore when said failure occurs it is accepted as usual and customary practice.

It is the failure to follow through that blows-up transactions, causes employees to seek work elsewhere, sends what were once loyal customers like myself running to the competition and it can send even the strongest of brands into decline. What has happened to society as a whole and why are we ‘the little guys’ caught in the middle? I was not raised to ever fail and I refuse to start now. I believe that when things happen, although we don’t all think they happen for a reason, we must find comfort in knowing that through this mess, we will learn, get wiser, and we certainly will prevail. Failure is not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself…in fact, I have always learned more from my failures than I have my successes. None of us ever want to admit we screwed up, but in this case, I did  nothing to earn what I got from this company. However accepting failure, not learning from failure or failing through apathy or ignorance are corporate killers.

As a person in a position of authority make sure that you set the chinning bar very, very high. Expect great things of people, equip them to succeed and don’t ever accept failure as being OK, because it’s not!When the inevitable failures do occur conduct a failure analysis to determine what went wrong and why? This is what I did and I learned that it was negligence on their part that has so badly disrupted my business. They may think that because they are the big guy and I am just a nobody that I’ll go away…but obviously they don’t know me at all. What they just did was stir up emotions that should never be stirred up. Big companies take people like myself and so many of you for granted thinking that they can walk all over you…guess what? No one walks on me and gets away with it. FYI,… Mr Big Company…earn up to this one and do the right thing. So what happened you wonder and how did I get to this point? What might I have done to prevent this?

  Being a small business owner and a person who puts her trust in those hands of experts that are suppose to be on my side should be an easy thing to do, but not in my case, and if this sounds familiar to any of you who have been dubbed or mislead by businesses like the one I used, its time for all of us to PUT OUR FOOT DOWN! So what do you do? Well lets see…for starters, before proceeding to use any institution for company registration, it is important to consider their reputation. Have you thoroughly check this company out? This might call for comparing the services offered by different agents and reading several reviews in order to make comparisons and determine the best services. You could also consider relying on references from friends who have used the same services. I did, and I asked people to share their experiences. I looked at their rankings, and Googled them,..what I did not do was check from start to finish the number of complaints on the BBB, then file one yourself! My first suggestion would have been to make sure that they are well known in the industry to ensure that your business is in safe sides and additionally, give you the opportunity to rest easy…not so much honestly, especially in my case.  

The cost of the services is another important factor that you must consider. While company formation is the most viable option for you, it is important to ensure that it does not leave a dent in your wallet. In the event that you choose a service provider that does not have fixed costs, it is recommended that you use your negotiation skills to get the best deals. This will also go a long way to ensure that in the process, you save some substantial amount of money. Finally, if you want your company registration to go on smoothly, it is important to ensure that you select an institution that is transparent. As mentioned earlier, it is important to ensure that they are registered with the companies house and what is more, they should get you all the required information to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly.

This is crucial as it gives you the confidence required to start running the business and ensures that you avoid some of the mistakes that are made by other business people.OK, so maybe that was my problem, my parents always taught us as children that ‘you get what you pay for’ and this time I learned first hand that what Dad spoke of all those years ago came around full swing. The thing is, I believe that we all look for great deals. My grandmother used to say “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” That was the problem though, it didn’t sound over and above some of the other companies, so I put my faith and trust in them. Although I am not at all an expert, I can tell you this, do a lot of digging prior to hiring anyone to do anything! Don’t be left like myself with thousands of dollars lost because of the negligence of a big company that thought they could get away with  treating your business with very little  respect. As a well-respected business owner, don’t let them put the screws to you!


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