Do you Know How to Turn Your Man On?

Get Naked Too

There’s a good chance that your guy has never feasted his eyes on your completely bare body for more than a few seconds. Maybe it’s because you undress quickly in a passion frenzy or your bodies are too close for him to really take you in. But letting him stare at you in the nude is a sure thing!

Break Out the Blindfold

Once you have him going crazy not knowing where your next lick, kiss, or stroke will land, treat your blindfolded boy to a slew of new sensations. Three to try: the feel of your hair, silk panties, or a string of pearls rubbed gently against his member.

Give Him a New Number

 No doubt, you’re intimately acquainted with 69. Now may we introduce you to 77? The number refers to the way you and your partner’s bodies look when they meld together in this side-entry position. The unique angling practically guides his missile to your G-spot! Don’t forget to slip into your sexy Simply Delicious Lingerie to entice him.

Turn Him into a Buffet

Incorporating food into your passion play is a classic carnal activity. Take a few of your favorite erotically appealing flavor combinations, like peanut butter and honey or whipped cream and chocolate sauce, and mix up yummy treats all over his body.

Talk Dirty to Him

Try this on for size….Start off with a purr or an mmmmoan, or simply breathe heavily in his ear, or on his shoulder. Then up the erotic ante by whispering, “So…what do you want to do with me now?”

 Make Him Long for Your Lips

A fabulous kiss is an intricate balancing act involving tongue technique, pressure control, and moistness monitoring. Invade his space with a tantalizing kiss on the neck, a slow lick of your lips and a gentle whisper in his ear.

Imply to Him That He’s a Stud…

How about sparking his ego by letting him know you want him real bad in a sexual way with a coy compliment. Letting him in on your longing for him jump-starts his own desire and will have him begging for you.

Make Him Hot, Then Cold…

 Cooling off your guy’s steamy body actually gets him hotter. If you didn’t think so, think again. You drive him crazy and you probably don;t even realize it. Make his satisfaction skyrocket by turning him on to simply deliciously unexpected strokes, pressure, and temperature changes. Try the classic ice-cube trick to make him shiver with excitement. Have him lie on his back, hold a cube in your hand, and slowly draw an icy line from his neck all the way down his body.


Seduce Him

Be direct by saying something like “I want to have sex with you.” The straightforward approach is not merely about saving time (although it does have a way of cutting to the chase), either way you are driving him up the wall. Honestly, it’s about giving yourself the opportunity to display extreme sexual confidence, yep, strut your stuff sister and  advertise yourself as a person who assumes that whatever she wants, she can have.

Toy with Him

Yes you heard me, with Simply Delicious Lingeries secret stash in our Adult Novelty section. Stock up on some sex toys. Rhinestone handcuffs can be exciting. And you can never go wrong with a vibrator. Nows your time to get risque’ – tis this holiday season where you determine if you are going to be “Naughty or Nice!”



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