ger,We’re Looking for Guest Bloggers!

Hello! I’d like to take a moment to look back on 2011 and to say thank you so very much for all of your support as well as your loyalty shopping with Simply Delicious Lingerie. We truly do appreciate you very much! As we move forward into 2012, we intend to grow and become more of a household name. Our family is growing and with your honesty and assistance, I can determine where I need to make changes in my websites so that you are getting everything you desire and deserve! Our job is and always has been to make you happy!

 I’m currently looking for some zesty articles! If you are a writer or enjoy writing articles on sexy lingerie, love, relationships, marriage, dating, life, foods desserts, cocktails or anything else pertaining to what we typically blog about, please, submit it to me at, or send it to me in a link at my Twitter account. @MssDelicious or @MsSimplyD.  You will receive credit for the blog so make certain to give me your full name, your website address, and any other information you’d like published. If you blog, we need you! Let’s grow together, in business, and new friendships.

Thanks Everyone!

Michele Savin, Owner/CEO

Simply Delicious Lingerie

Simply Luscious Lingerie



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