WhY dO MeN LoVe wOmEn iN ThiGH hiGhS?

If you ask any red-blooded man what they find most sexy about a woman and her appeal, 9 times out of 10  he’ll tell you her thigh highs or stockings. Why? Well, they love watching a woman put them on slowly and are enticed by a woman taking them off. Make sure you have on a pair of sexy stilettos too! But…what color does one wear? Ponder this ladies…. Black stockings are exclusive and classy. Pay close attention; Red stockings have a tramp stamp. White stockings are too closely connected with innocence, purity, and marriage. Black is the color for sexy, confident, and powerful women. A woman in black stockings is an exciting challenge for any red-blooded male, and to say that he gets turned on by such would be quite the understatement. This will generally blow his mind…and to think that you can usually do this for under $10-15 a pair.

 Thigh highs are made with mature, curvy women in mind, not just skinny women. Thigh high stockings are available for all body types. Don’t allow anything to prevent you from getting in a thigh-high bit of fun! What are a mans favorite type of stocking?

 Fishnets. Stockings whose material is a wide open woven knit are called fishnet since they resemble the net that is used to catch fish. If you want a pretty sparse stocking, a fence net is one that has large gaps in the fabric and are usually put on over a normal pair of stockings.

 Fabrics. You can get thigh highs in a wide variety of materials:  nylon, silk, wool and even cashmere. How much the stocking stretches depends on what material is used. Stockings that do not stretch feel a lot different than the ones that we are used to wearing. These nylons have a softer lighter feel than regular nylons from a department-store and are also less “grippy.” Stockings with visible seams. Personally, these are my favorite. Thigh highs that are seamed have the seam on the rear part of the leg. I find them quite classy.

 Thigh highs can be anywhere from absolutely transparent to dark and thickly colored. You may prefer a certain degree of opaqueness. If the stocking is meant for a formal event or to go with a bejeweled gown, a completely sheer stocking with a glimmer finish will be nice.

4 Reasons why Men find them so alluring:



Black stockings are sexy. They make a man think of French maids, can-can dancers, exotic performers in Paris night clubs. When a woman wears black stockings for her guy, she’s sharing, and agreeing to, his secret desires.

Fabric Meets Flesh

One of the most enticing features of stockings is seeing the spot where lace at the top of the stocking meets the flesh of a woman’s thigh. Black lace next to soft female skin is so desirable.

Promise of Seduction

Black stockings are a starter for the meal to come. When your woman dresses in black stockings, high heels, and an alluring outfit, you know what’s going to happen later in the evening. Men love to watch their woman gently rolling stockings onto their legs. They adore the mouth-watering sight of stockings being rolled downed, lifted from the woman’s toes, and dropped to the ground.

Simply Delicious to Touch

Black silk stockings are the ultimate tactile rush. For your finger tips, there is nothing better to touch and stroke than exclusive stockings on your woman’s legs. What happens after you play touchy feely is up to you…



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