Define Sugar Daddy?

What is a Sugar Daddy?…and why these days do so many women feel the need to have one? Why do men want to be them? A sugar daddy is a man who wants the best of both worlds in a nut shell. He wants to feel like he has something no one else has, a particular style of woman and a trophy to call his own. She has to be classy, sexy, sensual, erotic and giving freely of herself and in exchange he takes her to exotic places, the finest restaurants and surprises her with gifts when she least expects it (but really…we do expect it!) 

Men  have very high stakes in elite and exclusive sugar daddy sites, they know what they want and how they want it….they thrive on it,….sad to say that some of these so-called sugar daddies live in a dream world….this isn’t umpa lumpa land, but everything sure as hell is sugar-coated! In the end, not only did I get a lot of information from these men, some quite pathetic, nonetheless, not all. There are various reasons why a woman seeks a SD. Most think they will give a little and get a lot. Come on ladies, they are men, not walking ATM Machines….be nice here….I always believed that if a man was a “true” SD type, a woman need not ask for anything, if he was a good man, he would take care of you and your needs. Show him respect. You have to give a little to get a little., and I don’t mean sex. Trust me when I say; Integrity goes a long way. (you might want to make a note of that to those of you who think money grows on trees and you can take take take…, wake up sister…you are a dime a dozen and so easily replaced!) He’ll take care of you and he will respect you, why? He wants to get to know “you!” …..not because he has to, but because he wants to! Need advice? Ask away…..I’ve got the answers!


Women have had sugar daddies, plenty of them,….so let me share with you what I’ve learned; They aren’t looking for a marriage proposal, we just want a few good dates here and there, nice meals, and to be spoiled and pampered…Kayne West sings it best,…..Gold Digger! She take my money, well I’m in need…..Yeah she’s a triflin’ friend indeed……Oh she’s a gold digger way over time ……That digs on me!!! However, we aren’t gold diggers, we just laid our cards on the table and told them what we wanted up front just as they told us what they were looking for. People will call woman gold diggers in the real world because these woman don’t know how to play the game. This is one game you want to research way before signing up for one of or any of these sites…..beware of wrong-do’ers and scammers…they’re out there and there are LOTS of them! There are good sites and bad sites. Read comments from others and research as much as you can. I think that it is important to do heavy screening, income verification, and background checks,…if a man goes to these lengths to join a site so elite, then chances are that he is putting his money where his mouth is.

Some of these men — especially those shopping for women half their age — are digging deep into their pockets to pay for an illusion: that despite their receding hair lines and wattled skin, the raspy voices, and a lot of Viagra….they’re still enchanting enough to charm pretty young women…. Men may use money as a way to buy themselves out of the normal obligations of romance, like accommodating a woman’s emotional needs as much as their own. But despite the power and security that the money buys, it can also undercut the very ego it’s intended to boost. Men need fed with compliments and if they have the attitudes that most sugar daddies I know, need to go after the younger woman because they’ll put up with all the BS and us older gals that have been around the block a few times,….. forget that! I don’t know how to put it any better than this; having a sugar daddy means that you are their “dirty little secret.”

Why do woman want sugar daddies? Most circumstances are because they have all of the advantages of the true perks, vacations, cars, toys, shopping sprees and spas, etc., but don’t have to ever commit…in fact many women have more than one SD at a time, and what can he say? Absolutely NOTHING….he doesn’t own you theoretically speaking….and he should know the rules going into this. Some of us enjoy the nice things because we don’t want a commitment, or we are set in our ways, too independent and don’t want the added stress or hassle of a true relationship. Nothing wrong with that at all.

I’m not at all saying being a younger woman and having an older sugar daddy is a bad thing, and not all younger woman are naive. My suggestion to you is, before you sign up for one of these fly by night dating sights with all the bells and whistles, make sure that the men that are on that site truly are the bells and whistles first. Word of advice, most sites don’t screen men or woman for that matter (women can be the Sugar Mama, where they look for a stud to spoil) and anyone who says that they have $$ can go to this site and create a web of deceit. Here’s a tip for you….if a man says he makes a ton of money but has to dig through his wallet for his gold rewards card to cash in his bonus points for the La Quinta Hotel…..Hello…RED FLAG! Good God honey, call a cab and leave…..and if you stay with him on this wonder picturesque romantic weekend and you were hoping for a 5 star restaurant…..forget it sweetheart! The only good meal you’ll be eating is the one that they serve everyone in the hotel lobby called the “continental breakfast!” If a man says he has a fortune and speaks of classy restaurants and then takes you to one only to make you “split” the meal with him, this should be a warning signal too, in that case, you owe it to yourself to pay back the favor of wasting “your” time… advice, (and yes it does work because I have done it!) order 5 meals just for you… plus a fabulous dessert or 3 to go…..Oh you can be assured that you’ll never see him again, but at least you and your kids will eat a good left over meal on his dime!


Cheap men want what rich men have, they just have NO idea how to get it! They are the wanna be sugar daddies, where they live in the land of talk is cheap. I say if you’re going to “Talk the Talk” your ass better be prepared to “Walk the Walk” Most go to considerable effort to distinguish between “sugar” and prostitution. (Legally, at least, they are right; since the 1970s, courts have ruled that as long as the woman is paid for some service besides sex — housecleaning, companionship — the arrangement is not the equivalent of prostitution.) They say being a sugar baby is no more an occupation than dating is, especially when the goal of dating is to find a rich boyfriend or a wealthy husband. I say, beware of phony sugar daddies…..they are out there and the get off on telling their friends that they found their hot mama on a SD site. One of the things that I “do” like about these sites is that you most often “do” get what you pay for…if the site is free, the talk is going to be cheap…if a man has to pay $50 or more and generally it is a lot more, to be on a site such as this, cut him some slack….what’s the worst that can happen?


Listen,  if he turns out to be a complete dick and you just want more…..or just can’t handle this style of living any longer….walk away with a bag full of Jimmy Choos, Dior, and Chanel…lets not forget Tiffany & Co., say thank you and tell him that you appreciated him and wish him well.There are really good men out there looking to care for a woman and enjoy his time with. Just don’t let him totally control your time…if he thinks money talks and is possessive, think hard about getting into a business relationship with this person. If a man really is a SD he won’t spare the expenses if he thinks you are worth it.You will share a mutual respect for one another. Remember, you do not have to have sex with these men, that is not part of the arrangement. Most men will want it though, and in that case you have to determine if your integrity is worth that of a wrinkled up wanna be type of man who has gone to great lengths to “buy” a younger woman to raise his self esteem….Some men have sugar babies for years and years….these are to boys that know how to roll and do it right….just beware of the fly by nights that proclaim to have it all when in fact, they probably are living from credit card to credit card with not so good credit… a fantasy world where these women look and treat them better than their wives do now and to them, this is all worth it! Just so that we are clear,….

DO NOT threaten a SD with blackmail. NO NO NO….shame on you. Some women do this…I think it is wrong. Ladies, if you’ve done this, don’t do it again. Grow up, and act like an adult. A SD is just that. He is not your spouse and you have NO authority or control over him. You are the other woman! Deal with it.

I do respect Sugar Daddies, …..why? They may be cheaters, or ruthless in some women’s eyes, those women scorned by them, BUT they are honest…they do lay all cards on the table, …so listen closely ladies…..

I have made friends with several of these men, in fact, they come to me for “women” advice. Why? I am a woman with who is sassy, sensual and have class, and I do know the ropes first hand. In a sense, I watch over many of these men, took them under my wing, and gave them the tools that they needed to find a wonderful, caring, loving, hotsie-totsie sugar baby that is in this sort of relationship for the same reasons. I did this because I believe that regardless of all the various situations, we all enjoy being with someone, but finding the right fit is just as vital. Having a sugar daddy does have its advantages….consider all of your options, and remember, sugar daddies are like bus stops, it appears these days that there is one on every corner, so take your “potential” for a test drive, you have to approve of him as much as he is looking to give you approval…if you don’t like what you see, ……get off at the next stop as there are plenty more waiting for the right woman and the golden opportunity to flash their cash and show you a new world that most women only dream of…..





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