Do You Drunk Text?

Have you ever been out with the girls and had one too many and then pulled out the cell phone and started texting someone? If you thought drunk dialing was bad, hold on to your hat because this is the do all to end all. Talk about embarrassment, wonder how I know? Oh I’ve done it plenty of times and the day after I wasn’t too proud of it. I was better off drunk dialing, because usually the first on my speed dial was my mother…whom generally got awakened by me at least twice a month by the sound of my 2:00am goofy voice. Her response was the same….”Oh Shelly, is this really necessary?”  My response was always the same, “Mom, is that you?”… The only thing worse than drunk dialing is now, the modern version…drunk texting. Thank God I don’t go out much now. Instead, all of my friends drunk text me, one in particular and when she does, it makes me really miss what I left behind when I moved. I miss going out with the girls, laughing and being silly.

 So can drunk texting be at all good? Well, drunk texting is great if you want to send one good, flirtatious message or a happy thought but drunk texting is bad if you intend to address an issue or pick a fight. This would be a BIG NO NO! If you’re drunk, feeling down and dwelling on negative thoughts, put your phone away, give it to a friend and tell them under no circumstances to let you have it until you are sober rather than picking a fight that may seem trivial in the morning.

 So then, you go home, fall asleep face down on the floor, on the couch or in your bed and when you wake up all you can think of is….Oh NO! Yup,You did it. You drunk dialed. You can’t even believe it yourself, or can you? Maybe this happens often? So how is it that you barely remember doing it?  But there it is in your call log. Five minutes of mystery staring back at you. You can’t remember what was said by whom, but you know one thing for sure. This can’t be good. Wow, just great; how are you ever going to recover from this? They are surely going to dump you now. How can you stop what you have already definitely set in motion? You need to call them right away! Before you call or text, get a grip. Calm down, there are several proven moves you can make to returning your relationship to its previous healthy, loving status.

 That drunken text from last night proved what you had hoped did not happen. When you realized that you had drunk dialed, you started to convince yourself that it might be okay, but there the text is in living color, every word scarier than the last. The first thing you need to understand is that people make mistakes. Take a deep breath, and calm down. Realize that what you did may have been rooted in some other deeper emotion. Something happened between you two that caused you to erupt the way you did. My advice….leave your phone home if your going out with the girls and you anticipate having a few too many martinis, otherwise you’ll look like this…passed out in the front seat of your best friends car with your cell between your legs, one shoe off and one shoe on, and no recollection of what you did until the next day….



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