Valentines Day…

It’s right around the corner…you know that special day when women love being pampered by their partner. The day when you can show your mate that you care by giving a gift that says “You are special!” Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day in which people express their love to one another by presenting gifts, such as cards, candy, flowers and other symbols of love or affection, but lingerie has become a very popular gift in the over the years and it’s statistics are growing. Let’s face it, lingerie is best appreciated by adults only and wouldn;t you reather see your mate in something hot,mouth watering and oh so sexy vs indulging in a big box of high calorie chocolates?

 Though generally directed towards women, there are plenty of options for men as well.  And don’t think this is a gift only for young and fit bodies….  lingerie comes in all sizes and shapes, just like we do. We’re getting a new line soon and cannot wait to share it with you! You’ll find many new pieces for Valentines Day treats that both you and your special someone will adore! At Simply Delicious Lingerie we are making some changes in the next few weeks to our website and we’ll have beautiful new lingerie from sizes S to 5X for you to choose from. Watch for our plus size store Simply Luscious Lingerie to launch later this winter.

Shop with Simply Delicious Lingerie and give her that gift that says “WOW!” Our new high end selection will be appealing, alluring, pleasing, seducing, tantalizing and teasing!
There’s a reason why scantily clad bodies are generally deemed sexier than naked bodies…  because they leave just enough to the imagination, where perfection can exist despite the reality.  Make sure your gift of lingerie allows the imagination to run wild… and also try to accentuate the best part of the body on the object of your affection…..  if they’re sensitive about a little too much flesh here or there, buy something which will make THEM feel comfortable and sexy and discreetly hide their flaws.  Remember, the more comfortable THEY are, the more comfortable they will be sharing with YOU. Pamper your partner this Valentines Day!





One response to “Valentines Day…

  1. To me, the ideal Valentines Day gifts will always be a bouquet of flowers or possibly chocolate or something like that a touch in the mushy side — whether or not it isn’t for any sweetheart. The notion connected with currently being beloved is exactly what is important in my mind.

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