Guys…Women Want Romance!

When dealing with members of the opposite sex it is important to understand that their thought processes are not the same. When a woman communicates a problem to someone, she is generally looking for empathy. When a man communicates a problem to someone, he is generally looking for an answer. These concepts are borrowed from the book “Men are from Mars women are from Venus.” For men, this is a big departure from how thoughts are processed. Your best approach is to sincerely listen while resisting the urge to offer a solution. She doesn’t want to know how to fix a problem until she asks for a solution. There is one more very important perspective to consider and that is love languages. Every woman loves to be cared about, loved and pampered.  I’m irish and stubborn, but when a man takes the time to romance me, he’ll win my respect and have my undivided attention.

There are so many ways to love a woman, romance her and show your affection. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Plan a very simple dinner for two even if at home with romantic candles and light, and of course it’s better if you make it yourself , not delivery. I know this sounds cheesy but they love it! Why? Because you took the time and it shows that you care, and made an effort. This is big in a womans eyes.
  • But try to impress her more. The above mentioned idea is very simple and inexpensive, too. You can do better than this, treat her like a queen. Expensive and luxury gifts such as jewelry, perfumes and even flowers can do magic. She will remember you every time she wears that perfume or necklace…so women are all about the material things, and if that’s your cup of tea, don’t let me get in your way…however, selecting something for your lady that is simple such as her favorite perfume makes an exceptional statement all the same. Respect her and that my friend will win her heart.
  • This is big; Do it because you want to not because you have to. Romance is about sharing and caring, so don’t make it a chore. Make her the center of your attention that night (the night you intend to romance her), make her feel you only care about her and nothing else. Give her royal treatment, a message, a dance with her favourite music playing, etc, be creative.
  • Discover what she likes, make her feel happy, make her feel beautiful and LISTEN to her. This is where paying attention to the smallest of details comes into play. When you remember the little things guys, believe it or not, she’ll love that you remembered.
  • Romance should have limits, too! You have to be spontaneous and natural when you romance your woman, but don’t OVER-DO things or you will be taken for granted, and believe me, no man wants to get walked all over. Romance her when she least expects it, try to be unpredictable and show her your affection and attention every once in a while.
  • The problem with excess romance is that it will spoil your relationship. Tease her a little more and don’t just romance her every time she expects it. You don’t wanna look very super-emotional to her, the manly look is what you need to capture her heart.




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