wHy WoMeN LoVe LiNgErie…

We all know that it’s no surprise that men love looking at lingerie as much as we love wearing it. When a woman puts lingerie on, we have the ability to tease a man and bring him literally to his knees. Lets talk now about who’s in control here? I’d say this is one of the time where “yes” guys, we do have you over a barrel. Lingerie can make a woman feel sexy, no matter what she is wearing on the outside. I firmly believe that to be true. Inside, she knows that she is wearing sexy lingerie and it gives her confidence. The feeling of sexy confidence is just one reason why women like lingerie, but there are so many others….

Over the centuries, women have used lingerie in many different ways. Corsets were in fashion up until about 60 years ago and women would bind themselves into corsets to get what used to be called an “hourglass figure.” It was desirable, in the early part of the 20th century, for women to have small waists. For this reason, girls were often put into corsets at a young age so that their waists would not get large. It was uncomfortable, unhealthy and restricting to say the least. Nowadays, women like lingerie for the way it feels on their skin as well as the way it makes them feel about themselves. It gives us a sense of security. At Simply Delicious Lingerie, our goal is to make women of all shapes and size feel confident and sexy in whatever style lingerie she is wearing.

Lingerie is still used to improve what are often seen as “flaws” in the figure of a woman, and lets face it ladies…we all have them. Fine fabrics, ribbons and laces have been coveted over the centuries by women who generally like to have feminine, pretty things. Many women enjoy the sensuality of just being a woman. They enjoy painting their nails, wearing make up, wearing certain scents and lotions and wearing feminine style clothing. In addition, women like lingerie because it makes them feel more like a woman in every way. It is not only, if purchased properly, used to enhance the figure, but also to make a woman feel more like a woman. Need more reasons as to why it is that us women love lingerie? How about 3?

1) Build Confidence and Feel Great About Yourself
Even in case you are not married, sexy lingerie will make you feel nice and proud about the way you look when you go to bed. I know what you’re thinking, if you are single and live alone, do you really need to wear something sexy to bed? I say YES. Fell good about yourself day in and day out. If you house catches on fire and you have to flee to the streets in the middle of the night, you’ll be the best looking gal and a real hot tamale on the curbside! Looking and feeling great is a self-worth booster. As opposed to being dress for intimates, some lingerie pieces are made as underwear and in case you are wearing such, you will feel nice all through your day as you go about your duties.


2) Feel Sexy & Comfortable

 Lingerie is as well made from comfortable materials that makes you feel comfortable as you sleep or as you go about your duties. Silk wear or tender cotton wear is comfortable to the body. By choosing and wearing the proper match for the sexual appeal costume, you feel relaxed at ease and also refreshed. MY advice is wear something that feels good on your skin, not something that will irritate you. You want to give off a glowing look, not have hives all over your body from allergic reactions to the fabric.


3) Show your Unique Style and Class

 Wearing women’s lingerie is stylish and if you have guests at your house or you’re on a trade journey with friends and you’re spending nights out, sporting the sexy lingerie will make you look stylish and elegant. You may be proud and assured about the way you look so sister strut your stuff!







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