Black Tie Affairs…

In my personal opinion there is nothing hotter than a man in a tux at a black tie affair, so if you are a woman on a mans arm at this particular event, make certain that your LBD (little black dress) rocks the house as well. So many people wonder, why do people love these parties? I cannot answer for them, however, I enjoyed them because generally they were hosted by friends and for wonderful causes. Charity events make it all feel so much better getting dressed up to collect generous donations for something that you feel such a strong cause for. For me, it’s always been fighting for cancer patients and for Women’s Shelters. I may only be one person, but when you gather a group of people, you’d be surprised what you can accomplish!

 Black tie affairs are the most formal of all social events. Hosts of such gatherings put a great deal of effort in ensuring the event is impeccable. The term “black tie” refers to the attire worn at the event, which should respectfully reflect the elegance of the occasion. Critical attire directions are designated in the event invitations, although some specifications are open to slight interpretation. Black tie events are much less common than casual gatherings and include formal weddings, political and award ceremonies, debutante balls and film premieres.

 Black tie attire is commonly used in many social events today. These events include celebratory events such as debutante balls, weddings, and coming-of-age parties. There are also instances when prom and birthday parties require guests to come in strictly formal attire. During these celebrations, dressing in formal attires needs to be matched with following the best formal etiquette.

A Black tie affair is not something most people get a chance to attend. Such events are commonly held for people belonging to high society or the elite. First-time wearers of such formal attire may be nervous about their appearance. However, with the right clothing choices and proper preparation, being in such attire becomes more relaxing and enjoyable.


Style Guide for Men for Men

  • Classic black tie attire for men consists of a black or midnight blue tuxedo, a white shirt, a silk bow tie and polished black shoes. A white jacket is an acceptable alternative to black or blue during warm weather. In cold weather, an overcoat made of high quality fabric may be worn. Accessories such as cuff links, scarves, suspenders and pocket squares are optional but should be elegant and conservative. A dark suit is an acceptable black tie alternative if noted in the invitation or explicitly approved by the host.

Style Guide for Women

  • Because women generally have more styles to choose from than do men, their rules are less rigid. Permitting expression of personal taste, this discretion also allows more room for error. At events in which black tie is required, women should always wear a floor-length gown and tasteful dress shoes with heels. Uncovered shoulders may or may not be acceptable, depending on the nature of the occasion. Personal touches such as jewelry or shawls are usually encouraged but should be made of elegant materials. Ladies, make sure you are wearing yoru Simply Delicious Lingerie under your LBD, black lace and satin matching sexy sets are my suggestion!




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