Why do Men Chase After the Cougars?

Most often we have to wonder….Why do men chase Cougars? If you’re familiar with the movie “The Graduate”, where a young Dustin Hoffman has an affair with the older and mature Mrs. Robinson, you may have a small grasp of why younger men sometimes like older women. Come on now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect the dots on this puzzle. Here in America, it’s rare but not uncommon for a younger man to be with an older woman. It’s appealing, its seductive but most of all it is also alluring. So what is it that an older woman seems to have verse a younger gal? A mature woman provides several attractive qualities.

 The allure comes in several forms:

 Older women are taboo; taboos are attractive

It’s a cultural taboo for a younger man to date a mature woman. It’s usually the other way around: an older male with a younger female.

 Much like the forbidden fruit, older women are theoretically off-limits for younger guys. While it may be uncommon for a 21 year-old man to date a 31 year-old woman, it’s certainly not illegal. People would probably view the interaction as a novelty. It is life though and it is going on all around us. I was approached by a handsome younger man who came right at me and told me that he prefers older women because we are more mature and less fuss. He is actually turned on by women my age. I am 48, he is a very mature 34. I suck at guessing a mans age so naturally I thought he was older….Flattered by this, sure I am.

 So ladies…if you think hitting 40 or 50 has turned you into an old maid, think again…you’re not too old to get hot and sassy with some Simply Delicious Lingerie and go after what you want, or to allow the chase to begin. Some young men prefer older woman, and I say that there is nothing wrong with that and everything right! It’s nice at our age to be known as the “forbidden fruit” isn’t it? Taboo? Nah, I just think that the men that are younger that go after women in my age group who still take care of themselves and look well, are ranking high in the friends talk…everyone wants to know how that match came about?

 In theory, it’s no ones business. Honestly, Imagine being at the bar a younger man with his friends where  many younger women are approaching him and he turns to the beautiful sassy older woman in the crowd? Not only has this just made every mans jaw hit the floor in the room, but he feels like a million bucks and you are honored for the opportunity to get to know this young man who went out of his way to get noticed by you. I’ll say it again, the LBD works wonders. Ladies, guys like simple and sexy at whatever again…lose the layers of make up and go more natural…you will look more appealing than you ever imagined without even having tried to.

Much like the forbidden fruit, older women are theoretically off-limits for younger guys. While it may be uncommon for a 21 year-old man to date a 31 year-old woman, it’s certainly not illegal. People would probably view the interaction as a novelty.

 Mature women make men feel more comfortable, yes you heard it, we are more at ease.Young women have less experience with men and tend to be less stable in general than older women. Men like women who make them feel comfortable, emotionally. We are less work…that’s what I’m trying to say I think….? Also, as far as sexual maturity goes, women tend to peak in their late twenties, while men peak around age 18.

 Very often, young women may have hundreds of men chasing after them; this makes a young man feel the pressures of competition from other males.Older women offer an alternative. It’s nice to feel attractive; in the eyes of a mature woman, a young man may be a very attractive object. We no longer feel the need to chase, or play that dreaded old ‘cat and mouse’ game. We have matured and become much more focused on life and what we want out of it. Nonetheless, there are women who chase younger men just the same…Perhaps there is something to be said about the chase? There is a class of women known colloquially as “cougars”, these women are typically professional, attractive, and earn middle-class incomes without the help of a man.  These are the women who are determined to live a happy life with or without a man because they are well-balanced and happy with who they are. Personally I think that us older women have the edge on dating, and having a younger spouse. I think that age is just a number. It depends truly on one’s integrity as well as their maturity level.Look out all you younger women who think that us older gals are heading down the road to loneliness, news flash! There is a cougar crossing…so get out of our way!


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