Be Ms. Diva In Classy Lingerie

  • INSIST ON THE BEST. Get the best of everything that you can afford. (For me, I do that by bargain hunting!) Buy less but better quality items. Put aside the buyer’s remorse and remember that you’re a diva so you worth it! At Simply Delicious Lingerie we offer great quality and mid range prices that all women can afford. We want everyone to look and feel sexy. We stay behine you and boost your confidence, why? Because at SDL we consider all of our viewers and customers family!
  • 2

    DO THINGS the RIGHT WAY! You are the Diva of lingerie so if you aren’t sure how to pull it off what do you do? There are two ways to do something. There is a wrong way and a right way. Insist on the right way! You can still be polite about it, but make sure people who provide services carry them out properly. Remember though don’t let Divahood go to your diva head..treat others with respect if you want respect in return!

  • ALLOW YOUR MATE TO CATER TO YOU. There are times when a little pampering is all you really need. And if he’s willing to spoil you, then by all means, go for it! Men love doing this and we long for the attention.

  • 4

    INDULGE IN A DECADENT TREAT. A diva will treat herself to that amazing dessert (then work it off later). If you don’t feel like baking a dessert….what is my golden rule? Always have a can of Reddi Whip in the fridge. Make a body sundae that he/she will remember!

  • 5

    DRESS TO IMPRESS. Looking good makes you feel good. Wear what you like and stop saving your fancy stuff for special occasions. Isn’t everyday a special occasion? If your answer is no, you need to change your thoughts and say YES!

Do you want to turn heads in the bedroom but you fear you don’t have the cash and accessories to do it. With the right shopping strategies, however, you can have a beautiful lingerie wardrobe without breaking the bank. At Simply Delicious Lingerie we bring you the lingerie that we are proud to sell and the styles that are fit to accommodate almost all women and we’re about to introduce to you a new line of product that says class without tossing out all of your cash! Stay tuned for our new line in plus size women’s intimate apparel when we launch Simply Luscious Lingerie in a few months.  For those time when you want to tease your partner….our new line brings spontaneity and adventure…We’re at your service and we sell lingerie that’s naughty and nice…



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