Are You a Bad Girl?

There is something to be said about having fun…..Cyndi Lauper said it best……”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” …A bad girl loves to have fun. She has the image of Rico Suave in the woman version. She is classy, but brassy, can stay out all night partying, drink herself into a stupor, and still get up the next day and be ready for round two. She’ll laugh and be flirtatious, and make men want more from her, turn them on without even trying, and oh yes she will tease!

  A bad girl is exciting, and if they want to see exciting, I think you owe it to yourself and to them to give them a “Bad Girl”…….So what are they defined as honestly? On the contrary to what some think, not only are they wicked sexy and bitchy…..Bad girls are walking adrenaline rushes! For her, life is a roller coaster ride, she loves the ups and the downs….and it’ll get your blood singing just to be along for the trip. Go bungee jumping, go on dangerous roller coasters, sky-dive; Just for the thrill of it all, why….they love to live life dangerously, and by the seat of their pants. I like to live with adventure and danger sometimes,… the seat of my pants, but I come prepared with life jacket.

  Clean yourself up and for God sakes…… turn on the hot girl magic! 

 Bad girls are definite knockouts. Bad girls are usually very eye-catching with jaw-dropping figures. That’s right, you know the ones,….where you have to tell your spouse or partner to pick his chin up because it hit the floor hard enough! These gals, you guessed it …..they are the basic “hot babes.” They know how to walk the walk and strut their stuff. They get off on being the center of attention! How so? They wear miniskirts, strapless tops, sandals, dark colors, skinny jeans, high-heels (stay away from clear, though, because clear high heels has slut written all over it…not to self, I never knew that…..) and stay far away from flats if you want to have the bad girl image. If you are taking your nieces and nephews to the park or gardening all day….then flats or sneakers are OK. A bad girl has to be sexy! She’ll throw party’s with men and have fun with them!!!

 Build your confidence and be sassy! 

 Above all, a bad girl knows that she’s hot and that she can do, say, and get anything that she wants. She is always in control and like me she has to have it her way or the highway! If you can appreciate your beauty and your personality, you’re already on the path to confidence. If you need a boost,….we’re relaunching our website for Simply Delicious Lingerie in 1 week and we have killer deals, and sexy clothes in every category. Check out our “$9.99 sale” tab where we have the latest in styles and fashions all for under ten bucks! We’re not just lingerie…..we have club wear, boots, heels from 3-6 inches and a selection that will go with everything! It’s sassy, seductive and just what the bad girl needs!

 Tell me something gals…..Have you had that feeling of denial when you found out that those guys weren’t talking about you, but rather your sexy friend? Didn’t it make you feel bad? I’ve been there…. Every woman’s been through it before. Those days are long over if you’re ready to revamp your style and turn every one’s heads. Where do you start? I’ll have an article on that shortly, so stay tuned!  No matter what your hair color, body shape, or eye color, you too can become sexier! Please though, just remember don’t ever try to change yourself and who you are for someone else. You need to be happy with you…that’s all that really matters. If other people don’t like it, tell them to kiss your ass. It’s SO not worth it, and they my friend, are not your friends at all nor might they be the man you want to involve yourself with! Unleash the bad girl in you!




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