Do You Still Get Butterflies?

Ahhhhhh the anticipation of seeing them, Yes, in all reality we’re all familiar with the feeling of butterflies in the stomach when starting dating a person who really excites us. Contrary to common belief, not only women experience this feeling of excitement,  men do too,…do they admit it? What do you think? Not often….It’s not something that only women have or something of which men should be embarrassed of. I find it intriguing that a man gets these feeling too. They can be quite difficult to read at times, nonetheless, I seek a romantic at heart. Often, it’s just getting him to unleash that bashful side a little and let his guard down. Guys always think that have to be tough, when in fact, I like a man who can lay his cars on the table, share with me his desires, and be blunt if need be. I get butterflies when I see a particular man, but he doesn’t know it. For me it’s not something I’ve experienced for a long time. The difference, however, is that men tend to keep their excitement for themselves whereas women simply radiate happiness. We glow! We yap, we laugh, we think too much….sometimes over analyzing things until they drive us nuts!

 The sign of happiness in men may be better hidden but with a bit of attention you can still notice. Look in his eyes… can usually tell what they are feeling to a certain degree. Read more about the new relationship rush and how your body reacts to your feelings towards a particular girl.Many women wonder whether men do feel butterflies from time to time. Since most men don’t really do a great job of express their feelings, many girlfriends (or girlfriends to be) are disappointed because they do not seem to get a clue of what their partner is feeling or whether they are as excited as they are because of the new relationship. But the fact that some men admit to feeling butterflies, allows us to generalize and say that man’s experience love in quite a similar manner, even though they pretend to be all macho about it.

 So, when experiencing the new love excitement, as a man, what is there to do? Hide it or enjoy it? If you ask me, the best is to enjoy this new relationship rush for as long as you can . But the truth is, after a while, it will fade away and you might feel sorry that you didn’t enjoy it. For many, dating is the best part of a relationship.The new girl, the new situations and mainly getting to know that person next to you in different types of situations makes relationships so much fun in the first place. Some men, on the other hand, might try to elongate the effects of the butterflies. Big mistake. Butterflies flutter around in you belly for only so long. With smaller fluttering comes a new stage in the relationship, supposedly already paved through from butterfly time experiences. Personally…’s exciting to know that even after a relationship develops a man or woman can still get butterflies….I find it quite emotional, not to mention with each individual we have eclectic tastes, so woo her/him and let nature take its course.








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