Why Men Walk Out On Relationships…

Then never-ending question……Each relationship has its own challenges – and no two challenges in any relationship are identical . Though similarities may exist between why couples ended their time together, but the way that the challenges presented themselves are always going to differ. Why do men leave? What makes them do the things that they do? That say, men and women tend to differ, and while challenges within the relationship may not have anything to do with one’s gender, there are some common reasons why men leave women.

 Why do the men we love leave? Who knows… we aren’t mind readers, and even if we were we still probably wouldn’t understand their motives. However, despite how the media likes to portray them, men have emotions too, and these emotions can damage your relationships. Even the strongest of men can be hurt, and even the weakest of men can stand up for themselves. Though at times it may seem that men are not as complicated as women, they can still have complexities that get in the way of having a successful relationship. Communication….it’s the easiest way to fix things before the get so big that neither of you wants to discuss it…my advice, get things out in the open. Don’t leave a woman hanging…that’s not nice! Pay her some respect why don’t you! Do they? Most often, no.

 So, why then do men leave relationships? Well, truth be told, men may break up for a variety of reasons. No matter how hard you try to guess what they may be, chances are you will never know all of them for certain, as most men will keep these emotions inside and not openly share them, no matter how much he loves you.

 “Why men just up and leave is uncertain…and what do I do while I am still in love with him? Don’t my feeling seem to matter? Don’t our emotions count for anything? One day we just wake up and like a cloud of smoke, and dust in the wind,..they’re gone!


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