Are You a Good Smoocher?

What is romance without a kiss? Everyone wants that romantic smooch and that feeling that their feet lift off the ground when the perfect lips touch yours! So what makes you a good smoocher or a great smoocher? When wishing for romance, your kisses had better be good to make a favorable impression. It may not be fair, but some will judge you on your first kiss as to whether or not they will want to see you again.

In other words, there needs to be good chemistry when kissing. As Faith Hill once sang….”This Kiss” ….Yes , it is all about that one second when time stands still, it is ALL ABOUT THE KISS!!!! A good kiss delivers a super pack of  powerful impact! If you’re a great kisser, you’re going to turn your date on and you will have a definite edge. IF you suck at kissing, you have some serious work to do and a lot of practice is necessary. A good/great kiss makes the difference…a bad kiss will end the date and you’ll never hear from him/her again.

What distinguishes a good kisser from the kisser we all want to forget? The key is to be soft and gentle and follow their lead. Here are some good romantic kissing tips to enhance your love life:


  • Be careful not to startle – watch and wait for the signal to proceed
  • Avoid the ‘ambush’ kiss (although these can be exciting as your relationship progresses.)
  • Look deeply into your partner’s eyes. This will send the message that you like them and want to be closer to them. Look for their signals as well.
  • Look for a warm, kind smile (even a slight smile is good; it doesn’t have to be BIG.)
  • Pay attention to the look on your loved one’s face. This will indicate where they want to go with this kiss.


  • Look for good balance. As you move closer to that magical kiss, you don’t want to be leaning too forward awkwardly to get there.
  • As you move closer you are sending signals. You want your body to be in a comfortable position during the kiss, so you can enjoy every moment of it.
  • Go for a light touch just before the kiss. While a hand lightly on the face is a definite signal of intimacy, holding hands combined with eye contact and a warm look can indicate the beginning of a great kiss to come.
  • Make sure you are aligned correctly at this point. This means not only getting your lips on track with theirs, but getting the head tilted correctly as well.
  • Tilt your head slightly to one side first. Your partner will likely react and tilt the other way. This is a mutual sign that the kiss will be very welcomed.


  • Relax your lips, close your eyes.
  • Move in slowly. During step number two you made sure the two of you were aligned correctly, now you can close your eyes as you’re just about to make contact.
  • Relax your lips, not tightly pressed together. Give your partner the pleasant experience of feeling your lips softly against theirs.
  • Your lips should be recently moistened, but not wet.


  • Relax your lips, tilt your head and breathe evenly.
  • Moving in, you can part your lips slightly just before contact. Keep your lips relaxed, your tongue in your mouth.
  • Keep your head tilted so both of you can still breathe comfortably on contact and as the perfect kiss is held…

S A V O R every moment … be slow, gentle, easy.


  • Keep it sweet, not too long and not too wet.
  • Don’t pull away too quickly or make any quick movements. Savor. Savor. Savor. Feel the power and romance of the kiss.

Enjoy the moment!


  • Take your time and don’t rush. Make eye contact, nonverbal and verbal messages.
  • To end, pull away slowly and make eye contact again. Show a satisfied, warm smile to reinforce how you feel.
  • Enjoy the closeness, relax, and finish the kiss with a warm embrace.


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