Unconditional Love…What Does it Really Mean?

For so long now we have asked questions about love because we want to get to the core of it where we learn what true unconditional love really is? In order to build a solid foundation in any relationship, whether it’s a marriage, friendship or a relationship with a sibling or child, you must learn to love unconditionally without limits or judgment. That means, you love them regardless of their bad choices, mistakes and or flaws. Hey, no one is perfect, and unless YOU are, you have NO right to look down upon or judge any one else. Growing up my grandmother always used to say “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…” I pondered that for years not really understanding it’s true meaning…and then one day when I was a spouse, and a parent, I realized exactly what it’s true meaning was. Life you see is not at all about judging others, it is about making the right choices. Are they the right choices? Sometimes we  just don’t know, nonetheless, we don’t lose sight of that unconditional feeling of love. It is freedom of a lifestyle that we choose to do good for others in any given situation.

Loving someone unconditionally can be hard to do and goes against the grain you were probably taught in today’s Western society. Society tells you to get even or get revenge. However, to love unconditionally requires forgiveness and letting go of the wrongs.

So How Do You Love Unconditionally?

Eyes wide open, and  with much compassion! What’s required to show someone unconditional love when you’re in a relationship? Being there physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, through thick and thin, no matter what may happen is unconditional love.

Physically: Being “there” for someone physically means just what the word implies. You’re there for them in person, standing by their side, listening to them, or talking with them so they’re not alone. This may be at three in the afternoon, or three in the morning! Remember that song and saying “Stand by Your Man?” You do what you have to do, unconditionally!

Emotionally: When you’re with someone emotionally, you’re offering your support by allowing them to honestly and openly express their feeling. Supporting someone emotionally with unconditional love also means that you’re there selflessly to help them work through their feelings. The goal is for the person to rise above the negative emotions and turn them into positive ones. You’re the shoulder they’ll come to and  cry on! You are the network support that will save them from drowning in their own self-doubt and pity. You will be that one person that regardless of what everyone else said in his/her circle of friends that supports and loves them no matter what. Friends like YOU are hard to find. Many people take their family and friends for granted. Please don’t. I did at one time and when I realized what I had been doing I made changes. Some people will not acknowledge this and they’ll never learn either. We grow from our mistakes and without these mistakes, how will we become stronger? 

Mentally: Supporting a loved one mentally means that you help them think through their actions, motives, and desires. You help them do this by finding out what’s going on inside. To support someone mentally requires you to help your loved one process their thoughts through to all possible outcomes.

Spiritually: Spiritually supporting a loved one means you pray for and with them and help them grow in all aspects of their life – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Often spiritual support is given without a person being aware, through prayer.

Unconditional love does not mean, however, giving into every whim or desire. Often people confuse unconditional love with spoiling. Giving into a person’s every want or desire when it isn’t appropriate can actually harm their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Sometimes unconditional love means telling them what they DON’T want to hear. Step up to the plate and be their friend and tell them, someday they will thank you for your choices, support and all of that unconditional love. Unconditional love is having that freedom to stay when everyone else walks out…..



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