Plus Size Lingerie…Sassy, Seductive, Sensual

Here’s the 4-1-1…Plus size women can be so sexy in lingerie fashions, so much so that they will drive their men crazy!!! These skimpy sexy fashions are no longer only for the skinny women anymore like so many might think they were… It has not been so long ago that full-figured women had to go with out all the sexy lingerie that catered to the smaller sizes. It was as if all oversized ladies, whether they wre just a bigger build, a little more curvy, or full figure from head to toe. Who said it was as if they should wear was flannel nightgowns and moo-moos? Not in todays day and age.  In fact, lets look at the numbers here… last year over 62% of the American population of women were noted as being plus size figures. What does this say to you? This is just not the way it is any more today.. All women can look and feel sexy no matter what size they are. Now you can wear any sexy lingerie in any color you would like. The day of ugly pajamas has passed ladies. Now it is your turn to enjoy silk, satin, and lace just as much as any other woman. You will feel and look like a million dollars in a hot number made for you, guaranteed. Plus size women can experience the lift and concealment of all the same styles of lingerie that they want. These will enhance your breasts while hiding and tucking in the areas you would rather not show. We have a private label coming soon where each piece is designed just for you. Your curves are beautiful!

You no longer have to settle for cheap imitations or nothing at all.  That’s right gals, I’m here to tell you that not only will I bring you exquisite pieces of lingerie and accessories, as well as costumes, I’ll bring your sexy sassy playful lingerie that anyone would be proud to wear and you’ll look hot in it! Your lingerie options are free to sore. You no longer have to feel that because you have an extra few pounds there is nothing sexy out there for you. There are plenty of chemises, Baby Dolls, teddies, and other intimate apparel that is made for full-figured women today all at Simply Luscious Lingerie. The curvaceous women no longer have to be forced into cotton briefs that are ugly and unflattering. There are tons of styles of cute silky and lacy panties to choose from. It really doe not matter if you are a 14 or 6X you will be able to find anything from lace to leather, silk to satin, or any other fabric type you desire. Feeling sexy and voluptuous is just as important to you as it is every other woman on the planet. You just need to go grab those few lingerie items that you wardrobe has been missing all this time. A fabulous bra and panty set is a great way to feel vibrant under your clothes. This will help you show off all your seductive curves and conceal any areas that you wish to not show.

Give up that old nightgown for something a little more risky. That’s right, let your guard down and go for the risk of being fun and playful. Go for something sheer and teasing such as a chemise or sensuous slip. There are plenty of sexy things you can dare to wear that will keep that man’s eyes on you for sure. If you want to add a bit of adventure then try that leather or satin corset. Go for the mesh body suit or a sweet see through teddy. It is now your turn to explore the passion and fun of lingerie. Getting that sexy piece of lingerie can make you know you are just as beautiful as any other women. Spice up you and your partner’s life with a little fun and playfulness. It is about time you got to feel the belle of the ball for a change. The best thing about lingerie is you can still wear all you comfy bras and panties all the time. Lingerie can be preserved for those precious moments. It is a great way to express your more feminine side and make you feel beautiful and sensual. It does not matter why you want them. It is important to be able to have them if you so desire.

There are plenty of places to find good quality plus size lingerie, however, only at Simply Luscious Lingerie will you get excellent service, and treated like our family! We’ll  have a great collection in stock and available. If you are not comfortable trying on lingerie in stores do not worry. There are literally thousands of online retailers who have huge selection of sexy full-figured lingerie. You will be able to look at all the different styles at your leisure without worrying about any one knowing. Make sure to see what type of return policy each company has before purchasing. You will want to make sure that your lingerie fits when it arrives. This option will allow your own home to be your dressing room. Don’t ever settle for less because you are full-figured. You deserve to be an amazing woman, too.




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