How to get your beautiful smile noticed….

Do you like your smile? It makes you who you are…those soft elegant lips that are so becoming can derail a mans train of thought if used properly.  Truth be told, most people admit that they are not completely comfortable with their smile. Some people will say it is because they hate the placement of their teeth, while others will blame it on the color of their teeth. Almost everyone would like their teeth to be a bit straighter and a bit whiter. Natural looking teeth are very attractive  especially when they are healthy and bright. You can have a gorgeous smile without braces or professional whitening treatment. Just use these tips to help you get a better smile you feel comfortable sharing with the everyone. When your smile is exquisite, you’ll feel like a million bucks!

How’s your Hygiene?

Are you doing everything that you can to promote good hygiene? You know, it’s not just about your looks but fashion and how you wear it sure has a lot to do with it. I will  not a lie that proper hygiene can make or break your smile. To have the best looking smile you possibly can, be sure to see your dentist at least twice a year. Having two cleanings a year is a great way to keep your teeth gleaming. If you have things going on in your mouth that need fixed, make that dental appointment and get  your cavities taken care of right away! The longer you let them go, the better the chance is that the decay will spread to other teeth in the area. Decay is not attractive and can make your smile look less than fabulous. Remember, you need to care for your teeth yourself. This means that you should brush your teeth at least two times a day. Make sure you brush them for two minutes at a time as well; one minute for the upper teeth and one minute for the lower teeth. Floss daily to help prevent decay and show off that beautiful smile because a man loves sexy lips and a beautiful smile. Take care of you, your body is the only one that you’ll ever have so for goodness sakes, take care of it!

What are you Drinking?

A gorgeous smile requires more than just proper dental hygiene. To maintain bright teeth you should take a good look at your diet. Although most people know calcium is good for your bones, it is also important when it comes to your teeth. Milk is great for ensuring your teeth will be bright and healthy. Milk is a great choice of drink for a gorgeous smile, but some drinks can do more harm than good. Dark cola, coffee, and tea can change the shade of your teeth. All of these dark drinks can stain your enamel, leaving your smile dingy instead of bright. You should steer clear of these beverages in large amounts and stick with water or light-colored drinks. If you do indulge in a dark drink, try to brush your teeth immediately after consuming it. This will help stop the cycle. I fail in this department. Although I have a great smile, no thanks to my parents who put braces on my teeth at age 10, I take care of my choppers BUT I drink Coke and my teeth stain, so naturally I try to work on this issue by drinking martinis.

Do you wear makeup?

For females, the shade of lipstick you wear can determine how bright your smile and teeth look so many the color choice count! Women who wear lipsticks with orange tones in them will automatically seem to have yellow toned teeth. The orange tones bring out the yellow tones in your teeth, even if your teeth are healthy and bright. For the brightest looking teeth, consider lipsticks with pink or purple undertones. These colors help your teeth look whiter and will give your smile a boost. Wearing no lipstick at all can make your teeth look dingy as well, so be sure to at least smooth on some lip gloss before going out. Find the shade that works best with your skin tone and promote it.

How about using whiteners?

Many dentists will advise their patients to try over-the-counter whiteners. You can find agents to whiten your teeth in gel or cream forms. You can also find products as teeth strips or mouthpieces. All of these products will whiten your teeth safely over time. You must be consistent however and use them as directed. Do not use them more than directed however, or you may put yourself at a health risk. These whiteners are inexpensive and work well. You can also use toothpaste with whitener in it daily for an overall brighter smile.

Just Be You!

No matter if your teeth are a little crooked or as straight as an arrow, to have a gorgeous smile, you must be comfortable with yourself and this means having confidence! Wear your smile proudly. It is a part of you and people will love your smile more if you love it yourself. The way that you smile says a lot about you as a person. Those that smile with wide grins are usually comfortable with themselves. You need to learn to march to the beat of your own drum, that’s what carries me.  Decide that you are going to be happy with your smile and others will notice! Remember, you are simply delicious and there is only one YOU!!






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