Top 5 Lingerie pieces that Drive Men Nuts….

The big question with men that will determine their selection of lingerie for women is always the same, and that is “Why does it seem like she doesn’t like what I picked out for her?” Well, for one thing, they are men and although they find some pieces totally sensual and erotic, they only have to envision and admire what the woman/their mate/partner will look like in it and how aroused he will become, not how is she going to literally feel wearing this particular piece of lingerie.  Men always love the styles and fabric that women are not comfortable in. One has to remember that this lingerie is not going to be on for an extremely long period of time, so 9 times out of 10 I’d say it’s worth it to put it on and make your partner happy. Now, if they buy something a few sizes too small, I would understand as I myself wouldn’t want to wear it either. Remember guys, not all women are built with the same shapes and figures so you’ll have to find a way to determine what size it is that your lady likes. This may mean asking her point blank or if you want to be secretive, look through her lingerie drawer. Men love anything  tight, see-through, and lots of lace. They don’t tend see a woman’s flaws the way women do. They just want to see us in it because it drives them absolutely crazy. There are so many different colors and styles of lingerie out there that can drive a man batty, send him over the edge and into orbit for a journey of pure pleasure. I can’t say that it surprised me to hear the answers of their favorite choices. Ladies, below are the results to the 5 lingerie pieces that men found most provocative and seductive!

Costumes: You will drive your man to the breaking point with a sexy little costume any day. Men love to watch women dress up for their pleasure. You can always bank on the naughty schoolgirl to shake him senseless. A sexy opened white tailored school blouse tied at the waist. Then add a plaid mini skirt with white garter belt and stockings. This will grab his attention every time. Another popular favorite is the naughty nurse outfit–a white mini nurse’s dress with the hat. Add a sexy pair of fishnet stockings to make that man’s head spin. These types of out fits are fun and make men go absolute crazy with lust. They are for the most part harmless but oh so appealing. Remember ladies, you want to wear something that will keep you fresh in your partners mind. If you can capture his imagination with your beauty and elegance in a friend maids costume or a playful outfit, you’ll have him begging for more and he won’t be able to stop thinking about ‘next time!

Bra & Panty Matching Sets, G-strings, Garters, and Stockings: This may seem simple to many but it is a major piece of eye candy for the man who is looking at it. This may not seem comfortable but dang you will look hot. Men love the lace look and can’t get enough trying to peek through it. You can use the bad girl steamy colors like white, red, and black for that hot erotic look he will be drooling for. These are the top three colors chosen by women and the colors that make us look the most sexy. The other sexy colors are lavender, light blue, and peach that men just love. Me, I’m not too fond of the pastel colors but we all have our own preferences so choose your style and color according to you and your comfort levels. The colors you’ve chosen are  colors that are soft and have that feminine edge men love to stare at. Get a pair of matching silk stockings to go with it and remember your heels. A women in lingerie and stilettos is a sure win!

Corsets/bustiers: Let me say just one thing; HOT HOT HOT! There is not a man in the world who would not want to look at a woman wearing either one of these tantalizing little numbers. The corset is designed to slim the body and flattens your silhouette. The amount of cleavage that can be bought is so sexy. Count in a little G-string or thong with a pair of thigh high stockings and you will have him reeling. The bustier is designed very similar but has cups like a bra. Some come with a detachable garter and stockings that just add to the allure. Colors to go with when thinking of what men love are black, white, or red, the sexy bad girl look. That just drives men absolutely to the breaking point. Other colors to consider are the sensual pastels. They take a hot outfit made for a woman and give it a girlish flare, which turns men right on.

Teddies: This is a one piece out fit that looks like a body suit with tiny spaghetti straps. The most appealing thing to men is the combination of the satin and mesh together in the same piece. When you turn around he will be able to see straight through the teddy. The front will give him something to imagine with its full coverage and lace outer rim. The hottest color schemes for men are white with tantalizing pastels, or black with hot bold colors like reds, blues, and purples.

Negligee: This little gown is a must for every woman who has a man to tease and lets face it, men love to be teased! This is the number one seller for new brides and the honeymoon. The two types men love are sheer and the silky. A silk negligee satisfies a man’s need to touch something soft and supple. The sexiest part of the gown is wonderful for them to look at. The sheer version of the negligee is just plain hot. The mesh lies draping over the body and the man is now able to see all the places the fabric gets to touch. A lace bra and panty can be added to tease him even more. 

At Simply Delicious Lingerie ( ) we are changing our product line. Watch for our new seductive lingerie that will make women look and feel classy and confident. I’d personally like to thank all of the men that recently participated in my chat forum and responded to the questionnaire regarding buying lingerie. This gave me an idea of what you like for your women, and also gave me knowledge of what you need to know so that I can provide you with to better ideas of how to purchase the ‘right’ piece for your partner. If ever you need assistance in finding the right attire, you can email and ask Tantalizing Tina in our Q&A column. She loves to hear from you and is great giving tips and recommendations. With the right tools it will allow you to make the right choices while will making her  feel pretty and comfortable in her new lingerie.





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