“Elegance doesn’t mean being Noticed, it means being Remembered.”



1. elegant quality: elegance of dress.

2. something elegant; a refinement.

 Elegance as we know is graciousness in action, and a certain confident simplicity.

Sophistication proceeds from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

It comes from an in-depth learning about your surroundings, having a refined understanding of different cultures and being comfortable with luxury. A women of sheer elegance will light up a room when she walks in without even trying to do so. It’s her style, her poise, and the look. 

 What makes a beautiful women appear elegant?

  • Perfect curves: All women may not be amused at this, but the reality is that men do always check out your vital stats from every corner. You can’t help it and neither can the man! Mind it; men do a good job in keeping the track of the waist-to-hip ratio and height of the girl they met the last night! Oh they sure do….this is something that sticks in their minds for some time.
  • That killer smile: A beautiful smile is irresistible! A smile is a sure-shot and proven weapon of a girl, with which she can win over many hearts. Men melt if they get that certain look from a woman….you know the look, …..that look that defines who they are and although most often these are the quiet, simple, reserved women….they cannot see that…they see sexy. The effectiveness of a beautiful smile is more on guys… it can make them drop to their knees while their jaws hit the floor! Guys always find those girls approachable who wear a ready-made smile on their face. the ones who seem at ease with themselves, and perhaps a bit shy or reserved. Beware of the loud mouths….this is not elegance, it’s wanting to get ones attention. Oh, she’s getting noticed all right….in all of the “wrong” ways!
  • The pair of demure eyes: This is no shallow talk. You can almost trust a guy if he says he’s lost in your peepers (given you have a beautiful pair of eyes!) Yes, eyes are one of the physical attributes in women that men are attracted to. Why? They are enchanting. A woman’s soft touch is key, but the eyes are the gateway to your soul. They speak without having to mutter a word from your lips.
  • An enchanting voice: A voice has always been a major attribute in women that keeps men engaged in conversation for hours. However, it’s totally the personal choice of men. If you have a soft soothing voice, a man can get lost in conversation merely by listening to you speak.
 What do you think of when you think “elegance?” I think, and I remember,…. Audrey Hepburn……



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