Ladies; How To Dress For Success

UNLIKE decades past, women working in corporate America do not wear string ties and buttoned-up collars. Nor do you see many in mid-calf skirts. Yet the concept of dressing for success is just as pertinent today as it was 10 to 20 years ago, perhaps even more so because the work world is more competitive. The new millennium-working woman must find a way to get ahead of her counterparts, male and female at other companies, but also within her own place of employment.

 Knowledge, skill and the ability to finesse corporate politics are instrumental, but one’s image and appearance also continue to be key factors in moving up in corporate America. If you want to achieve success, you must look successful. You must present an image of competence, self-confidence and professionalism. You must have the “look best” attitude.

 A secretary or administrative assistant is not held to the same standard as the vice president of human resources or the director of finance at a Fortune 500 company, and it should be noted that it is part of the business culture for employees even executives in advertising, media, entertainment and other creative fields to dress more casually than those in, say, banking and finance. When you must interact with the public, clients and business associates–in addition to your boss and other company executives then your appearance certainly should take on a more professional polish!

 Don’t cut corners on style and fashion when you have a job that enables you to shine. Don’t look frumpy especially if you work in fashion. Remember “The Devil Wears Prada?” This particular movie reminds me of the “Ugly Duckling” …..she begins a job that wasn’t something she had wanted, rather needed….and she doesn’t seem to care about because that wasn’t her dream job, let’s look at reality for a moment, do we ever really end up with our dream job? Some do, some don’t. So what did she do about it? Well, she realized after not too long that now she wanted the job and her desire peaked, she also wanted respect!…She brought in back up and made changes in her appearance, and in NO TIME FLAT won the respect of those who wouldn’t have given her a second glance prior to now.

 There is a moral to this story……Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have,…..and do accessorize ladies! Don’t over do it,…offices like simple yet stunning, not a lot of bling!  You want to stand out, but not too much, and you don’t want to just “blend in”…….so where is the happy medium, and the line drawn not to cross over? Good question, and with all jobs it is different. Depending on the type of position you have and what of business it is makes all the difference.

 In the business world today where it changes everyday….you want to follow the trend! If you want to be noticed, you’ll have to make some significant wardrobe changes. This is a win/win! You will turn more heads, and your opinions will matter! Show them that you are as business savvy as they are and take the reins! Soon, they’ll be seeking your opinions, and asking for your ideas! You won’t go unnoticed any longer. If you want to be taken serious, you must look serious, professional, and your etiquette must shine!

 Regardless of where you work, or what your profession is, go to work looking like a million bucks. You’ll turn heads, and before long you won’t be “that girl” ….Your peers who didn’t know you or recognize you before will now actually know you by name! Now ladies, let’s go…..Put your best foot forward!




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