Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!

In the world of small businesses, we often ask ourselves, how do I vent my anger and keep it under control as a professional? Well, guess what? Sometimes we just can’t. So what do we do when this occurs? We “vent that pain!” How do you like them apples? Yes, you heard me…swearing can have even more salubrious effects. Researchers at Keele University in Staffordshire, England, reported in July 2009 that cursing can reduce physical pain. In their experiment, volunteers held their hands in ice water, first while cursing and then while using less objectionable phrases. Those who cursed could leave their hands in the freezing water far longer and tolerate more endurance.

Perhaps I need to try this because today I want to curse everyone out and I am a very scorned woman,… and you know that saying “Hell Has No Fury Like A Scorned Woman!” So where shall I begin? Well, I need anyone who has ever had this same experience that I am about to share with you now pertaining to a company called InMotion Hosting to come forward and help a gal out….

My name is Michele Savin and I am the owner of Simply Delicious Lingerie. For those who don’t know me, let me give you a biography. I am a hard working, dedicated and determined single mother of two children that I raised and put through college myself. I am a cancer survivor that relies on an income from my businesses. I have used savings to build my businesses so that they would successfully continue to grow. In the past, I have built other business and succeeded with them so having an ecommerce business is not at all new to me. I have been approached by several investors that want to take part in making my businesses excel. I have built my reputation on my honesty, and my integrity.

I came to InMotion Hosting almost a year ago when I was in need of a new website and hosting site as a due to a rapid growth of 20% per year with my company and limitations with my existing site as it was built using Adobe Flash technology which was not supported on mobile devices and tablet computers, such as the Android Operating Systems and iOS by Apple. I felt it was absolutely vital to my business and continued growth to have a website that was fully accessible via these technologies as the market for these devices is exploding. 10 months ago I built a brand new website with all the bells and whistles, or so I thought, and I used InMotion Hosting, a company that was supposed to be reliable and reputable according to reviews. Obviously I read all the wrong reviews.

Since last May 2011 when this all began, I have had a website that has not now, nor has it ever been 100% fully functional. A website should be easy to navigate and use. It should not take a long period of time to find something, and it should work the first time when you “click” on a tab/category. My Wish List was disabled, my shipping charges were unplugged leaving me scrambling to pay “out of pocket” for customers shipping charges myself. People complained to me over and over that they were double billed, this also being an issue with the software and my shopping cart that should have been addressed and dealt with before the site launched to avoid any mishaps. In all honesty, my website works and runs well one day and the next…who knows? I thought I hired ‘professionals’ to design and build my site. I should be able to give them the requirements for my site, let them build it, and validate that they’ve done their job. Instead, if I am not constantly babysitting them, then they are not working on my site.

I have spent thousands of dollars to insure that my site would succeed as I spent my advertising budget on ad campaigns, magazine ads, and media. On Black Friday (Nov 2011) I learned from several of my customers that my site was not working/functioning properly. When I called clients and customers back to get to the bottom of this, I learned that some of my links were disabled in my shopping cart and no one could add merchandise to the cart or check out… what does that mean? It means NO SALES on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It means huge loss of revenue. I might as well have just opened my window and thrown my money out. Determined to get this squared away, I called InMotion Hosting that weekend immediately after learning of this no one returned my calls, no emails, nothing no one could help me. I had to call them! When I finally reached their emergency line and got their technical department they told me to call back on Monday. My weekend was a total loss. Were they really serious? You bet they were and I was now irate.

In the land of professional small business owners we rely on the truths and the facts in companies to assure us that we will be taken seriously,… that our websites will run smoothly and that we will see sales increases and growths. When a website is written properly and all of the SEOs and URLs are implemented this will occur. I have proof as I am a small business owner of 3 other businesses, and they always ran smoothly. My question is this: Why, or better yet,..how can a company say that they are SEO Expertise when they are not? I’m sorry but as a business woman and a single mother of two that learned real quickly after a divorce how to balance her checkbook and go from a champagne to a beer budget, it took practice and making sacrifices, but I did it . It’s called learning how to adjust and make things work. How can someone in the technical department know how the accounting department runs and operates? Aren’t these two completely different fields in general?

Everyday it’s something else with this hosting site. I just wanted it fixed and running 100%. In December, finally after months of haggling with InMotion Hosting I filed a formal complaint with the BBB. Guess what happened? I received a call in a matter of a few days and a written promise/letter of intent, to fix this mess. It is now 4 months later and that has not happened. Since then they have once again made promises over and over and quite frankly, their word means nothing to me now. Promise after promise, nothing is fixed yet. My business and professional reputation have suffered due to their ability to get things done right. Shame on them!

After 10 months, they still have not been able to deliver. Their words do not match their actions. What have I suffered? I have suffered immensely. Now, multiply that by my regular income based on sales along with my sales growth charts that showed increase revenue with this new site and SEO expertise…then add the price for my reputation being at risk and this is not a cheap fix. My reputation, as MasterCard states in their advertisements is “Priceless!” No longer will I let this company tarnish my business and moral ethics. In the words of Donna Summer, “She Works Hard For The Money” so you better treat her right!

To my valued customers: If anyone has had problems or has been unable to place an order within the last year, I apologize and I need to know so that I can better address this issue. Please contact me personally at; Michele@SimplyDeliciousLingerie.com

This has to stop. Isn’t it time to say “Enough is Enough?” I have faith that with all of your help, you… my clients, customers, friends and family that we will get answers and that these big businesses will stop treating people in such a manner. Please, share this article with a friend! www.simplydeliciouslingerie.com

Ladies…It’s Time to Put Your Foot Down!

In our daily life, our every day routine…..we look for ways to look sassy, elusive, appealing and sexy! Whether it’s in the privacy our your own home or if you strut yourself on a runway….your appearance tells a story…..your lingerie begins Chapter 1. Why do we desire to look and feel so pretty, and seductive? Men like it…it’s a turn on and lingerie is what we use to reel them in. Wanna catch a nice fish…..give him the right bait.

First and foremost, in the eyes of men, they feel the main reason why women love to wear sexy lingerie is to attract and tempt them so as to enjoy a romantic night. OK, I’m not going to deny that’s one reason. As a woman,…. who doesn’t want to be attractive, sexy and charming as well as elegant before her man? What is more, as a man, he also wants to enjoy a romantic night with his loved one. It only takes one piece of sexy lingerie…..that’s what plays the role that will pave your way to the bedroom. Therefore, the sexy lingerie is not only the tempting method of women, but also the potential need of men. Give them a taste, a single drop, and they’ll want the whole bottle. Let the tantalizing begin…..

Besides, some people say the reason why women wear sexy lingerie’s is to experience the man taking it off of them. Yes, it is probably the best reason…. A romantic night for lovers can not stay away with making love. However, making love needs a kind of prelude, right? Then, a type of sexy lingerie can be a perfect prelude. Please imagine this picture: in the evening, when darkness has fallen, you two in a room with the dim light and you wear a suit of sexy lingerie. That single most vision is going to be remembered….you’re sex appeal is going to be remarkable if you have that particular right piece on,….the one that makes you stand out and glow! He’ll literally be undressing you already with his eyes.

However, the most important reason in terms of women is that they can gain confidence wearing sexy lingerie. I say this ALL the time….you have to feel good about yourself on the inside first……..same goes for your attire….if your bra and panties match and make you look alluring, feel intriguing, and you are seductive without even trying…..he’ll fall to his knees! Actually, sexy lingerie is a perfect method to express women’s  figure, whatever that figure size or shape may be…….sexiness, charm, elegance as well as grace are the secret recipe! Women will depend on some fashionable clothes and some small ornaments to express themselves and gain the confidence. However, in the romantic night….. they just want to be sexy and confident…they want to be that “vision” that cannot be erased from his mind.

At Simply Delicious Lingerie, we take pride in offering you the best sellers, the newest arrivals and special pieces that will rock his world! He may think he is in control everywhere else, but this time you show him that you are the boss in the bedroom tonight! Put your foot down…..take control, and seduce him not only with your mind, but your lingerie!





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Guys…Can You Read a Womans’s Body Language?

Is She Still Interested In Me?

Women are extremely good at gauging relationships by reading body language. Why? It’s what we do best. We speak with our eyes and our hands, we tap our feet and our fingers, we sway our hips and when we do the nod of the head and a half spin, you better run! Women also use very clear signals they give to show their emotions – which is why so many women find it hard to believe their boyfriends had no idea they were upset. Actions really do speak louder than words, but you’ve got to be able to understand them. Can you understand women by the way they use their body language? Honestly, we make it very easy to see that we are angry, happy, satisfied…it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure us out.

Hey Guys…Practically all women can tell if a man is interested in them… So, Isn’t it time you learned how to tell if a woman is interested in you? The first and most classic sign that a woman is interested in you is when she meets your eyes. She might smile or not, but if she’s looking at you without looking hostile, you’ve caught her attention, most likely in a good way. The next thing you should do is meet her eyes and smile back. A woman might also check herself in the mirror, touch her hair, or smooth out her clothes. This is a great sign that she wants to make a good impression on you. She might also throw her shoulders back or roll her hips slightly – that means she thinks you’re good-looking. If she’s sitting down, she might lean towards you, cock her head to make her neck seem longer, or slowly cross and uncross her legs in front of you.

If you’re both sitting down and having a conversation, a woman who is comfortable with you might sit with one leg tucked under her, or might dangle her shoe from the toe of one foot. If she’s looking in your eyes too, there’s no doubt she’s extremely interested. On the other hand, if a woman isn’t interested, her eyes will slide right past you. She may even be polite if you introduce yourself, but she’ll look away as soon as possible. Women who don’t want to continue a conversation will turn their bodies away from you and might even turn toward the door. Ask my old friends about this one….I used it quite often while out at the clubs. I enjoy people watching, not getting hit on by every sleeze ball in the bar that for some reason thought if he bought me a drink he could take me home. “in his dreams maybe….” so that’s when I did the ole “about face”A woman might might fold her arms, cross her legs and leave them crossed, or move away from you.

Most likely, the conversation is a lost cause and you probably ought to move on. If you’re boring a woman, she might lean away from you and rest her head in her hand, or tap her fingers or her foot. If she’s looking at you blankly, without blinking, she’s zoned out and isn’t paying attention anymore. This is a good time to change the subject, maybe with a compliment and a question like, “That color looks good on you. Is it your favorite color?” or “What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately?” With luck, she’ll shake herself out of it and you’ll get another shot at a conversation. Learning how to tell if a woman is interested is pretty easy. Women want you to understand them, and they make their body language simple and clear. Learn to read it, and you’ll be able to tell if she likes you, if she’s comfortable with you, and if she’d like to date you – all without saying a word. If you still haven’t figured it all out, don’t sweat it…BUY THE BOOK! This is well worth the $10 bucks boys!




The Wonder Woman of Working Moms…

All moms are working moms, and all moms face the challenge of prioritizing how they spend their time. Time management becomes absolutely critical, though, for mothers who must devote 40 to 50 precious hours a week to a job. For women in such situations, it’s crucial to streamline and simplify pretty much every imaginable area of life. We have sticky notes, and schedules, carpools, and PTA Meetings….sporting events- little league, soccer, volleyball games….when did it end?

I’ll tell you when…..

 When they turn 16 and got a drivers license…that’s when! I handed them the keys and said GO! The day my son got his driver’s license he could have driven to China with his sister and I would have paid for the gas gladly! ……(jokingly that is just an expression my folks used to use…) truth at hand is, for the first time in years I was able to relax take a deep breath and get some chores and house work done….something I wasn’t used to getting done until after 9 pm at night. I didn’t become a single mom until the kids were 14 and 12 when I divorced…..that was difficult for me,…not sure why, they were pretty self-sufficient and they packed their own bags to go to Dads, or to go to school and grabbed their own lunch stuff. I have NO idea how women with small children do it. I applaud you, truly I do! I see women at the airport when I am on business trips with strollers packed full and holding kids under their arms while chasing the toddler and I think to myself…..”I have a hard enough time packing ‘me’ and getting here!” Women today are like Wonder Woman! We are built with super powers to do it all.

These are just a few things that we Moms do……we knock them off the list one at a time;

  • clean the house;
  • do laundry;
  • shop for groceries;
  • take care of errands, which may include paying bills and handling financial matters;
  • help kids with homework;
  • be present at kids’ activities;
  • spend time with partner;
  • spend time with friends and family members;
  • pursue personal interests of any kind;
  • and “maybe — just maybe — sneak in an hour to go to the gym or to soak in a bubble bath.” (this was always an added bonus for me..) now I fall asleep in the tub with a glass of wine, soooo relaxed! Don’t think that there are not times where I missed the days tha tmy kids were young. I thought of it tonight as I sat with a friend outside of Dairy Queen watching all the soccer kids pile into and out of the mini vans and SUVs.

Hmmmm. No wonder so many women I know are so tired! When our heads hit the pillow we are out like a light!

Get in a “Time Management” program at home: The following tips may not solve every time-management challenge that confronts you, but hopefully they’ll help you think about ways to simplify and save time as you manage your own unique schedule and circumstances.

1. Have places that things go and know where the keys are always! If you’re constantly tripping over shoes, losing library books or running late in the mornings because your kids can’t find their backpacks, homework or school books, something’s got to change. It may be time to institute a system for packing up backpacks with all necessary contents and leaving them by the door before bedtime — no exceptions. Baskets and low-cost storage bins also can help you organize the most troublesome items in your life.

2. Smooth out the bumps in your mornings….no one wants to rush! Mornings are exceptionally rough for many working moms. It can be hard enough to get yourself ready, out the door and off to work on time, right? Well, that whole process becomes exponentially harder when you have to wake, feed, clothe, pack for and transport a small human being in addition to yourself. Do as much as you possibly can the night before.

Wake up one full hour before your child does. This will allow you to drink coffee, get dressed, take care of your own pre-work tasks and get breakfast staged before the kids get moving. Plan to arrive everywhere 30 minutes early. (Note: You’ll probably never arrive anywhere 30 minutes early.) But this mindset of trying to arrive early will give you a much better shot at showing up where you’re supposed to be on time. Plan your meals a week in advance and grocery shop for all meals at that time. It saves time, energy, worry, and cash!!

Pack a bag with everything in it, and pack the car, snacks, bottled water, goodies. baby wipes, diapers, band-aids, toys, books, etc.

Learn how to juggle kids “after school time” …..Ok, seriously, this can get tough….especially if one is at soccer practice and the other has piano lessons. I only had two kids and I had a difficult time…..what do people do with 3 or 4 or 5 or more? Keeping up with work at the office might get tricky but without the job, you wouldn’t have all of these added luxaries, nor would the kids.

Society today is so wrapped up in go go go and do do do, that we forget to slow down. Take time, enjoy your family because one day you’ll be sitting in an office at 10:00 o’clock at night in silence writing an article and realize how much you miss the good ole’ days!






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Relationship Rules (Ladies this is a MUST READ!)

Relationship Rules

 1. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn’t want you, nothing

can make him stay. Know when it’s time to let go and move on.
2. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. He’s an adult, he surely should know how to act like one.
3. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. I say this all the time “Go with your GUT!” It never lets you down,…now our heart on the other hand, that’s an entirely different subject matter.
4. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that’s not meant to be. If you aren’t clicking and it’s just not happening it “JUST AIN’T HAPPENING!”
5 . Slower is better. How can you know this person in a short period of time? Relationships “take time!” Where’s the fire? No one is in that big of a hurry, are they?
6. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. (this is in my woman’s handbook- the guide to being the best YOU can be!)
7. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then
heck no you can’t “be friends.” A friend wouldn’t mistreat a friend. Show some respect!
8. Don’t settle. NEVER, EVER, EVER……SETTLE. It’s all or nothing in a relationship!
9. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Cut him loose! There are plenty of men out there just waiting for his chance to win your heart and your love. Don’t waste your time on some schmuck who doesn’t give a damn about you!
10. Don’t stay because you think “it will get better.” You’ll be mad at yourself a
year later for staying when things are not better. Trust me….I did this for years. It only gets worse. Sometimes a relations is just too far gone to fix.
11. The only person you can control in a relationship is you.
12. Avoid men who’ve got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He
didn’t marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently?

13. Always have your own set of friends separate from his.

14. Maintain boundaries in how a guy treats you. If something bothers you, speak up. If you don’t, how can it possibly get better?
15. Never let a man know everything too personal. He will use it against you later.
16. You cannot change a man’s behaviors. Change comes from within.
17. Don’t EVER make him feel he is more important than you are…even if he has
more education or in a better job.
18. Do not make him into a quasi-god. He is a man, nothing more nothing less
19. Never let a man define who you are.
20. Never borrow someone else’s man.
21. If he cheated with you, he’ll cheat on you. Wise up sister. What makes you so special or any different? Men who stray, never stay.
22. A man will only treat you the way you ALLOW him to treat you.
23 . All men are NOT dogs.
24. You should not be the one doing all the bending…compromise is a two way

25. Women Rule….as much as the men don’t want to admit it, we call the shots, well…..at least most of them. If he wants sex, he’ll follow your rules….we can turn it on and off like a water spicket, men on the other hand…..not so much. Respect him, YES, take orders? NO!


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Dating Over 40…Is the Grass Really Greener?

As women, we understand how difficult it is to meet someone and to begin dating again after having been married for a lengthy amount of time, or in a long term relationship with someone. Let’s face it, dating has never been the easiest thing to do, but in this day and age, it is so frustrating to listen to people telling you that you are way too picky, that you expect too much and that you should lower your standards of dating……but the good news is that you don’t need to “settle” for Mr. Right Now.Having a considerable amount dating experience under your belt actually gives you the practical skills you’ll need when Mr. Right does happen to wonder into your neck of the woods, whether it be a chance meeting at the dry cleaners, the supermarket or on the internet. It also opens your eyes to see what kind of weirdos and super freaks there really are out there!

They say….the more experience you have, the better you will be at weeding out the good men from the pool of men who aren’t right for you. I call the bad ones the bottom feeders, better know as a leech, slacker, someone with total lack of responsibility. Women who date frequently know this type and know when to cut their losses and say, “Next!” Savvy women respect that and move on. It’s women who don’t date a lot who tend to settle for less. No No No gals…..never ever just settle! This should be in a woman’s hand book somewhere. It’s in mine!You know that saying “less is more?” Not such good advice to follow in dating.

What I’ve learned is that it can be quite difficult enough for women over 40 to date, but it’s even more difficult for them to find good dating advice. Although I am no expert, I do have one piece of advice for women that fall into this category; The first step is for a woman over 40 to make sure to dress her age. For God sakes, don’t walk out the door for a date dressed in something that your daughter would wear…sure you may feel intimidated and worry that men are more interested in the younger women….and hey… maybe they are….However, you should not try to dress like them, you’ll just end up looking foolish and getting laughed at behind your back afterward. If you want to be respected, act your age, not your dress size.

 One great advantage with most women over 40 that I know is that they are often more comfortable with their bodies and more in touch with their sensuality than their younger counterparts. They shouldn’t be afraid to be sexual and amorous with the right man. There’s no need to play dumb to impress a man; the best way to impress him is to show that you’re his intellectual equal. You want to impress him after all. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe he wants to date you because he is looking for someone intelligent, with social skills, knowledge of culture, society, politics and wants a woman who can discuss what’s on the news…World News,…. not E-News! These younger women are like beautiful cars…..and men….well, they’re like boys, they want to take them out for test drives, but they would never consider parking them in their garages. Men may be flamboyant, arrogant, sexy, and alluring, but never stupid! He wants to see that you are all that and a bag of chips!

 Like a fine wine, with age comes maturity.This should help to set a woman’s mind at ease.This has also just set the bar higher for younger women looking to cross the line into our middle-aged turf!

 I say..”BACK OFF!” In the end, the “older” woman, with more life experience and wisdom beats out the younger woman who may be lacking maturity and poise. Although it’s a bit cliché, it is imperative that you just be yourself! I’ve never said that the older cannot date and or marry the younger or vica versa…I’m simply stating that the statistics show that most often it just doesn’t work out. A woman over 40 should be very proud of the life she’s lived, the experiences and insight she’s gained, the accomplishments and achievements that she has acquired and the person she’s become.

Oh sure, we always think that the grass is greener on the other side…in perspective, eventually that grass needs mowed too if it is not taken care of and nurtured properly! Life can be good at any age, over 40 for myself, YES… the grass has become much greener.  Why now? Because I have much more respect for myself and I am quite proud of who I am and my accomplishments. I’m educated and diverse in knowledge.Those who truly know me, will tell you that I am well-defined by my affluent conversational skills, my reputation, and that I am a true connoisseur of romance. I am unique and extraordinary. I love being 48. I wouldn’t want to go back to the 20’s or 30’s days now for anything. Love who you are, and be happy being “you!” Growing older isn’t supposed to be disappointing…our lives are just getting started. I consider this (Round 2.) I intend to age gracefully! Stay tuned, I’m not from the 50 mile marker and I intend to keep the dating over 40 and 50 articles coming your way! If you have any stories to share regarding this subject, please writ me, I’d love to hear about them; Michele@SimplyDeliciousLingerie.com

Tantalize him…with Table Talk!

Body Language

What is body language exactly? It is the silent nonverbal messages that you send through your body movements. Whether it be facial expressions, voice tones, touching yourself or getting risky with your behavior, it is all about the social psychology in our actions that we present to another person that are considered a form of language. Yes it is non-verbal, but if you use the skills just so, you can have him/her eating out of the palm of your hand.

Nonverbal communication is a rapidly flowing back-and-forth process. You send one another signals with gestures, sighs, or eye contact. Successful nonverbal communication depends on emotional self-awareness and an understanding of the cues you’re sending, along with the ability to accurately pick up on the cues others are sending you. Ladies, in short, this means “don’t hold back.” This requires your full concentration and attention.


If you’re planning what you’re going to say next, daydreaming, or thinking about something else, you are almost certain to miss nonverbal cues and other subtleties in the conversation, and you’ll probably blow the opportunity. Relax and go with the flow…..My advice, shoot from the hip. More often than not, the best romantic displays of affection come from moments where we lose our heads and throw the rules right up into the air. I’m all about taking risks. Life is far to short to wonder, “what if?” When you are with someone and you are both feeling a bit romantic, show him/her. Don’t wait, there’s no time like the present!

 Body language is effective! Not only does it show you have a sense of adventure, it also shows that you can use your imagination. My grandmother used to say that if you could master the art of body language, you could have an entire conversation with someone without having ever had to open your mouth. The eyes have a way of often telling it all. Can you speak with your eyes?  The body has a way of saying “I want you now!” It doesn’t matter where you are, if the mood strikes and you want to show them how you feel…..send them a signal. It’s contagious, fun, exhilarating, erotic, spontaneous and something he’ll be thinking about long afterwards. Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Doesn’t this just give “table talk” a whole new meaning?