Find Time to Make Your Relationship Sizzle!

So you want more sizzle? I can almost with 100% of my being state that it’s fair to say that all women want to be the most important thing in their man’s life? Am I wrong? We don’t intend to be selfish or overly demanding, but women seem to be so productive and still have time for love. So why don’t guys?

 As a women, our lives are filled with complexity. And with that complexity comes an inherent need for balance, a juggling act of sorts. We have to balance  jobs,  families, love for food,  yoga booty ballet, and somewhere in there we have to find time to be the most fabulous girlfriend we can be. Even after 10-hour workdays we need to try to find fun little gestures to show them that we care, and that they are the center of our universe…..leave love notes in his shoes, leave a note in his lunch or in his wallet….Regardless of the many other things going on in my life, you should always manage to reserve time and effort for your relationship.

 So what do we do? How do we demand attention without being too needy? And how do we maintain the spotlight without asking too much? What do you do when your man allows other things to take center stage and forgets how lucky he is to have you? You remind him and you keep reminding him!!! When the fizzle and spark fade, and you feel it slipping away, you need to take action fast….if you never experience this and it’s always a mystery of fun loving….you’re doing a great job! Well done!

 How is this done you wonder? The answer is easy…it’s simplicity. It’s easy to get into a routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, turning on the TV, and going to sleep. That might be easy, but it’s also totally unacceptable.You aren’t not dating your job. You’re also not dating your bed. We would like love and attention and a side of sex please. And super size it if you will?!!

 Of course, then again, spontaneity is not something you can schedule….that’s the fun of it and that’s what makes t so damn sexy! Now, if you stay aware of opportunities that are easy to take advantage of, then it can be scheduled, but really,…..isn’t it more fun do do something on the fly when most of our time is spent under a strict schedule? When you get home from the gym, and find him in the shower, jump in, save water, and lather up together! When he’s undressing for the night, go ahead and help him out of that work suit and into his birthday suit! Make time for sexy-time! Find the moments to be sexy and intimate in between the laundry and dishes. Where ever it may be, make it sensual and erotic and wow him good! This will be a memory of a wild romp that you shared and you’ll want to do this kind of dirty laundry again real soon! Don Henley sang it best…..Undress her with your eyes……”Dirty little secrets, dirty little lies…..we love dirty laundry!” Now this is what I call getting down and dirty and  doing some productive laundry!



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