Why Women Love Wearing Stockings

For several years now, women have been wearing stockings to cover their legs, to keep warm and to dress up their wardrobe/business attire. Wearing these stockings are like putting the icing on the cake, however, in the southwest, where the weather is so hot and humid, you don’t see women wearing stockings, pantyhose, or anything unless it’s in the bedroom with some sexy lingerie. There are a number of features that have gone into the stocking today as we all know it that was a trademark of the vintage style. In many stockings, the seam in the back is one of those things that made it into today’s stocking and remains classy. There large differences between the vintage pairs and today’s stockings besides all the colors available.

 Full-fashion Stockings have a hand-sewn seam in the back not machine sewn. This added to the life expectancy of the hose. The seam ran all the way down to the heel, which was darkened. The darkening of the heel and even toe area was where the stocking had been reinforced during the knitting process. This caused them to be a bit darker than the rest of the hose. However, most people would never know the difference in the seam anyway. The real difference is the keyhole welt at the top of the stocking in the back that is doubled over.

 The stocking industry began to fill a new market when pantyhose took over, the intimate apparel market. They became a leading fashion with a garter belt in women’s lingerie. Men and women alike could still see and feel the sexiness of the hose but in a whole new way from earlier times. Women liked the convenience of the pantyhose for every day use, even though it ran so easily. If you snagged it on anything it would tear. This was because it was produced by one continuous thread. Therefore, it wasn’t as sturdy as the stocking even when interwoven with other materials such as cotton. To snag them or totally run them isn’t cheap either, they are costly to replace. Women though continue to love stockings and thigh highs because they are satisfying to our cravings and our needs.

 The reason stockings are so sought after and loved is because they are just plain sexy. They have a special kind of allure to them. Men’s imaginations go insane when they see a woman in a pair because they are so seductive and sensuous. Women and men love the feel of a stocking. There is nothing better for a woman that to rub her legs together under her skirt and feel how silky and sexy her legs feel. Buy your stockings and thigh highs at www.simplydeliciouslingerie.com or www.simplylusciouslingerie.com







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