Fashionista No No’s

Top 10 Fashion No-No’s

There are a lot of do’s and “not to do’s” when it comes to fashion, some of them we know, some of them that we don’t know….I appreciate when someone (generally my kids) tell me to turn my ass around and change the look, they are saving me from a disastrous wardrobe malfunction….so if you aren’t sure what to wear, or the style that is in today, take the advice from someone who knows, its hip and it’s fashion savvy, otherwise…it will come back to bite you. Here are 10 rules to follow, and if you find yourself in any of these 10, you’ve got some issues….and it’s time to do some changing!

1.Wearing the WRONG Colors!

Don’t try to be BOLD!!!!!!! You want to blend in, not stand out like a sore thumb! To look your best, choose wardrobe colors that complement your skin tone. Wearing the wrong colors will make your skin appear sallow and lines and wrinkles will be more evident. On the other hand, the right colors will make you look more vibrant and healthy, and you’ll find yourself feeling sexy and confident too!

2. Too Much Makeup?

I say this all the time lades, you don’t need a lot of makeup. Do you really want to look like a clown? If it takes you more than 5-10 minutes to “put on your face” in the morning and take it off at night….you are that clown! Too much makeup creates a harsh look and makes lines appear deeper. Keep your daytime makeup light and evening makeup a little darker. but know when enough is enough. I like to keep it simple. Ask yourself this; with no makeup would you still look pretty much the same? Would your man recognize you in the morning in the daylight without all the glamour and glitter?

3.Clothing That Fits “All Wrong”

Many women don’t realize that wearing clothes that fits too tightly actually make them appear larger. Buy clothes for how they fit, not according to size. Seriously, are you 5? Unless your mother, sister, aunt, best friend didn’t know how to dress and implanted in your mind that a woman should look like an all around mess, don’t wear clothing that isn’t right for you. Do you want to attract a man? ….then wear something that says “classy” in an easy elegant flowing style….something soft, and not too over powering. You want to be the woman who all the men notice and can’t take their eyes off of, not the one that they are all laughing at behind your back.

4. Chipped Trashy Looking Nail Polish    

The idea of nail polish is to make your nails appear nicer. Chipped polish just brings attention to poor grooming. Don’t wear a pair of designer shoes if you toenails are chipped, it make you look bad and makes others wonder why you would spend so much on shoes if you don’t give a crap about your hygiene. If you can’t afford to get your nails done….take the polish off all together. Clips are noticeable and stand out like a sore thumb, especially if you are wearing bold, flamboyant colors.

5. A “So Out of Date” Hairstyle or a Disastrous one….? 

Your hairstyle creates a first impression. It accentuates your facial features and shows your true beauty, from your hairstyle, people make judgments about your education level, profession, status, age, and so forth. This doesn’t mean their assumptions are correct – they happen instinctively. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Visit your hairstylist regularly, if you cannot afford one, call me and one will be appointed to you! If your hairstylist has become set in her ways and always cuts your hair in the same way, you may want to try someone new. Are you stuck in a rut or still living in 1980 where big hair and scrunchies are a way of your image? If so, you need help…and a serious make-over!

6.  Shoes

Take care of your shoes, because truly, they complete your look. A woman in heels is more likely to get recognized than a woman in flip-flops or sneakers, unless you are in a bikini or tight jogging clothes and sweating profoundly in a hot steamy sexy way….. Also ensure that your shoes complement your outfit. Don’t wear flats with a suit (skirt/blazer) and don’t wear heels with short shorts. Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman before Richard Gere transformed her? Yeah…..that’s what ‘m talking about….only most of us don’t have the Richard Gere type to shell out cash and make us over, unless he is your “Sugar Daddy!”

7. Color the Roots, Please!

If you color your hair, make sure you keep it maintained regularly. There’s nothing more distracting than roots that are a different color than the rest of your hair. Something that this is n fashion, these are also the women that are still wearing the gloves with the finger tips cut out and singing “True Blue” by Madonna! Men like women who groom themselves regularly. It’s not difficult to do….and you don’t need a salon. I do my hair myself. Try it to save $$..If you screw it up, then you have to go to a salon, but really, take a chance…you might surprise yourself.

8. Underwear

When wearing sleeveless tops, ensure you wear a racer back bra. Don’t wear bras that fit too tightly or don’t provide good support. I think it’s sexy when a bra strap shows….it takes the guessing work out of a man wondering what color you have on under your blouse. You know, they make clear straps and look invisible so regardless of the color bra you have on or the cut of your dress, or shirt, you won’t notice them if you’ve got one of these bad boys on. The same thing goes for your panties,….select the “right” ones that go with your attire. Don’t wear thongs that are going to ride high so that when you bend over those around you can see England, France and the entire globe….1) it’s totally inappropriate, ….and 2) disgusting and disastrous! Good God NO!……No one likes pantie lines, but I’d much rather see them than the dental floss hanging out of someones britches.

9. Mismatched stockings

Ladies, leg warmers went out years ago….match your, stockings, pantyhose with your shoes or with your pants or skirt. If you really want to get noticed, wear thigh highs and garters to get noticed. At Simply Delicious Lingerie we have plenty to suit your needs and accentuate your look.

10. Wearing the “Appropriate” Clothes

For the work environment, avoid flashy clothes (unless you are in a creative field). Do not wear short skirts, (more than 3 inches above the knee) unless prostitution is your profession. Sleeveless tops are a no-no in the office unless you wear a light jacket or sweater over it, plunging necklines- it’s not “how low can you go” it’s an office for heaven sakes! Remember that saying; dress for the job that you want not for the job that you have,…this means always look classy. If it’s jean day and everyone else wears tight jeans to work, wear your dress slacks and a nice blouse…’ll stand out and your boss with definitely take notice! it shows class…..OK, stilettos, nice for the bar or happy hour, just not comfy or fashionable at the office unless they are screaming Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin!  Don’t wear too much jewelry, especially loud clicking jewelry or anything blingy… least not at the office. DO NOT wear leather pants or leather skirts, unless your office is at the race track, a biker bar or a street corner, NO NO NO…..not appropriate at the office.

Last but not least,….don’t wear anything that shimmers, glitters or that stands out, also NO homemade accessories! If you know of someone who doesn’t know the rights and wrongs of fashion etiquette, help them, this is your magical moment to step in and be their fairy godmother… it’s not to late to fix this runaway train ladies…..Unless you want to end up looking like this……


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