Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned!

In the world of small businesses, we often ask ourselves, how do I vent my anger and keep it under control as a professional? Well, guess what? Sometimes we just can’t. So what do we do when this occurs? We “vent that pain!” How do you like them apples? Yes, you heard me…swearing can have even more salubrious effects. Researchers at Keele University in Staffordshire, England, reported in July 2009 that cursing can reduce physical pain. In their experiment, volunteers held their hands in ice water, first while cursing and then while using less objectionable phrases. Those who cursed could leave their hands in the freezing water far longer and tolerate more endurance.

Perhaps I need to try this because today I want to curse everyone out and I am a very scorned woman,… and you know that saying “Hell Has No Fury Like A Scorned Woman!” So where shall I begin? Well, I need anyone who has ever had this same experience that I am about to share with you now pertaining to a company called InMotion Hosting to come forward and help a gal out….

My name is Michele Savin and I am the owner of Simply Delicious Lingerie. For those who don’t know me, let me give you a biography. I am a hard working, dedicated and determined single mother of two children that I raised and put through college myself. I am a cancer survivor that relies on an income from my businesses. I have used savings to build my businesses so that they would successfully continue to grow. In the past, I have built other business and succeeded with them so having an ecommerce business is not at all new to me. I have been approached by several investors that want to take part in making my businesses excel. I have built my reputation on my honesty, and my integrity.

I came to InMotion Hosting almost a year ago when I was in need of a new website and hosting site as a due to a rapid growth of 20% per year with my company and limitations with my existing site as it was built using Adobe Flash technology which was not supported on mobile devices and tablet computers, such as the Android Operating Systems and iOS by Apple. I felt it was absolutely vital to my business and continued growth to have a website that was fully accessible via these technologies as the market for these devices is exploding. 10 months ago I built a brand new website with all the bells and whistles, or so I thought, and I used InMotion Hosting, a company that was supposed to be reliable and reputable according to reviews. Obviously I read all the wrong reviews.

Since last May 2011 when this all began, I have had a website that has not now, nor has it ever been 100% fully functional. A website should be easy to navigate and use. It should not take a long period of time to find something, and it should work the first time when you “click” on a tab/category. My Wish List was disabled, my shipping charges were unplugged leaving me scrambling to pay “out of pocket” for customers shipping charges myself. People complained to me over and over that they were double billed, this also being an issue with the software and my shopping cart that should have been addressed and dealt with before the site launched to avoid any mishaps. In all honesty, my website works and runs well one day and the next…who knows? I thought I hired ‘professionals’ to design and build my site. I should be able to give them the requirements for my site, let them build it, and validate that they’ve done their job. Instead, if I am not constantly babysitting them, then they are not working on my site.

I have spent thousands of dollars to insure that my site would succeed as I spent my advertising budget on ad campaigns, magazine ads, and media. On Black Friday (Nov 2011) I learned from several of my customers that my site was not working/functioning properly. When I called clients and customers back to get to the bottom of this, I learned that some of my links were disabled in my shopping cart and no one could add merchandise to the cart or check out… what does that mean? It means NO SALES on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. It means huge loss of revenue. I might as well have just opened my window and thrown my money out. Determined to get this squared away, I called InMotion Hosting that weekend immediately after learning of this no one returned my calls, no emails, nothing no one could help me. I had to call them! When I finally reached their emergency line and got their technical department they told me to call back on Monday. My weekend was a total loss. Were they really serious? You bet they were and I was now irate.

In the land of professional small business owners we rely on the truths and the facts in companies to assure us that we will be taken seriously,… that our websites will run smoothly and that we will see sales increases and growths. When a website is written properly and all of the SEOs and URLs are implemented this will occur. I have proof as I am a small business owner of 3 other businesses, and they always ran smoothly. My question is this: Why, or better yet,..how can a company say that they are SEO Expertise when they are not? I’m sorry but as a business woman and a single mother of two that learned real quickly after a divorce how to balance her checkbook and go from a champagne to a beer budget, it took practice and making sacrifices, but I did it . It’s called learning how to adjust and make things work. How can someone in the technical department know how the accounting department runs and operates? Aren’t these two completely different fields in general?

Everyday it’s something else with this hosting site. I just wanted it fixed and running 100%. In December, finally after months of haggling with InMotion Hosting I filed a formal complaint with the BBB. Guess what happened? I received a call in a matter of a few days and a written promise/letter of intent, to fix this mess. It is now 4 months later and that has not happened. Since then they have once again made promises over and over and quite frankly, their word means nothing to me now. Promise after promise, nothing is fixed yet. My business and professional reputation have suffered due to their ability to get things done right. Shame on them!

After 10 months, they still have not been able to deliver. Their words do not match their actions. What have I suffered? I have suffered immensely. Now, multiply that by my regular income based on sales along with my sales growth charts that showed increase revenue with this new site and SEO expertise…then add the price for my reputation being at risk and this is not a cheap fix. My reputation, as MasterCard states in their advertisements is “Priceless!” No longer will I let this company tarnish my business and moral ethics. In the words of Donna Summer, “She Works Hard For The Money” so you better treat her right!

To my valued customers: If anyone has had problems or has been unable to place an order within the last year, I apologize and I need to know so that I can better address this issue. Please contact me personally at; Michele@SimplyDeliciousLingerie.com

This has to stop. Isn’t it time to say “Enough is Enough?” I have faith that with all of your help, you… my clients, customers, friends and family that we will get answers and that these big businesses will stop treating people in such a manner. Please, share this article with a friend! www.simplydeliciouslingerie.com


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