Tattoos and Cosmetic Surgery…

As beautiful and artsy as they are, tattoos are permanent. People get tattoos for a variety of reason…none that I can really figure out because I dislike them (for me, but please don’t take it personal)…and besides that I cringe when I see needles. The only time I ever welcomed a needle or two needles was during my painful hours of childbirth with my two children and believe me when I tell you that the big needle on the end of that epidural was well worth the prick and few minutes of pain!

Let’s look at a few examples shall we of who and why people might get a tattoo? So, you’re 17 and rebellious and your parents tell you that you are forbidden to get a tattoo…what do you do? You get one anyways and hide it hoping that they never see it or at least not until you are out of the house or away at school…but then later in life you may not like it so much because it was something that you thought you could get away with and did, now the thrill is gone. The other case scenario is that your husband hates tramp stamps (as they are called) he forbids you to get one and then you split up/divorce and you can’t run to the tattoo parlor fast enough to get one just to piss him off…is this sounding familiar to anyone ladies?

What happens after you get older or just don’t like that tattoo any longer, and this can go for men too, it’s not just about the women getting the stamp. What happens then,…what happens when you begin to age and wrinkle and that tattoo starts sagging? Then what? How do you remove it if you later in life you come to hate it? Well, I have found some cosmetic surgeries that might interest you. Since I have no tattoos I couldn’t tell you if these measurement to remove them work, and I am not an expertise tattoo artist.

There are actually two types of cosmetic tattoo surgeries: the removal of a tattoo and the application of a tattoo. Both procedures are considered cosmetic in nature and surgical as far as procedural aspects are concerned. Generally speaking, many youthful recipients of tattoos may not enjoy the process – let’s face it, it hurts – yet do like the result. Sporting a new tattoo is like a ticket stub signifying that you have paid the entrance fee into the “cool cult.” You are no longer considered a “square” but are now hip, cool, and with it. This feeling usually lasts until the first real job interview when your highly visible facial or arm tattoo costs you a high paying job, simply because the hiring manager does not feel that your appearance is congruent with the image the company seeks to project. Additionally, when youths grow older and they get ready to settle down, marry, and raise children, a tattoo suddenly makes some feel very uncomfortable in their new roles. Pool parties suddenly become embarrassing occasions, and volunteering in the child’s classroom may be done under the disapproving eye of a teacher. For some adults, tattoos may also remind them of times and episodes in their lives best forgotten because of the pain they may hold. For those who now regret the dermal artwork received in times of exuberant youth, there is hope!

With the help of a laser, tattoos may be successfully removed or significantly faded. This treatment is not speedy, however. Due to swelling of the skin, treatments must be spaced six to eight weeks apart, and quite often a number of treatments are required before success is achieved. Four to eight sessions under the laser are not unusual, depending on the color and type of ink that was used in the creation of the tattoo. Interestingly, extremely dark tattoos, those made with black or blue ink, fade the quickest. Red is another color that will fade very quickly. The colors green and yellow, however, take a long time to eradicate and may require additional treatments to truly get rid of. Of course, it is important to note that there is no guarantee of complete fading, and sometimes very close scrutiny of the previously tattooed area will reveal a very faint imprint of portions of the removed tattoo.

The other kind of cosmetic tattoo surgery that is available today is actually the application of permanent ink in a controlled manner that will allow women to have the look of a beautifully made up face when they first wake up in the morning, and without any expenditure of effort! Permanent makeup is now a common procedure that produces stunning looking results with just a few sessions at the doctor’s office. The application of this technology is truly plentiful: lips may be lined for higher definition or even full lip coloring may be applied; eyeliner on the top and bottom of the eye lids can be applied as well as eyelash enhancements; the eyebrows may be colored to have that perfectly defined look; some women even enjoy the application of permanent beauty marks!

Of course, just like with a regular tattoo, the drawback to this application is the fact that it is permanent. Be certain that you not only like the shades of colors you have chosen, but that they also enhance your appearance! A trained cosmetologist will be able to provide valuable guidance when it comes to color and shade selection. Additionally, remembering that this make up is permanent, consider the applications you are choosing. Pouting lips may look cute on a twenty year old girl, but on a forty year old woman they might look at little out of place. Similarly, a dashing green shade of eyeliner may be stunning for an evening on the town, but it may seem inappropriate for the day job as a bank teller. The other danger of this kind of cosmetic tattoo surgery is the fact that if you visit an inexperienced practitioner simply because the rates are so much less expensive, your permanent makeup may look somewhat less than natural. Additionally, inexperience can lead to mistakes which can have far-reaching consequences, especially when they occur around the eye area. Thus, you truly receive what you pay for!



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