Tips for the Guys…How to Improve Your Sex Life

There are not many men that I know of who think that they need to improve their sex life, but fellas…read this, you just might want to hear what women think? A frequent complaint of women is that their partner doesn’t give them enough foreplay…hey some, or most women LOVE foreplay…Or he rushes through lovemaking and leaves them feeling a little frustrated. There’s no marathon here guys so whats the rush we ask? It’s not a hard and fast rule, but generally women become aroused more slowly and take longer to achieve orgasm than men. And this difference is sometimes a source of conflict. If only there were a way for a man to put on the brakes until his partner catches up with him in terms of sexual excitement. Actually, there is. Here’s how men can become better lovers simply by learning to slow down.

First, let’s clarify what we mean by slowing down. We are actually referring to prolonging erection and delaying ejaculation. Are you still with me here? Let’s face it, gentlemen. Once orgasm has occurred, the erection goes away and so does your interest in sex – temporarily, at least. At that point all you really want to do is roll over and go to sleep….hello? We need more…so take your time and for goodness sakes make it last.

When you have the ability to consciously slow down and make the erection last, you can enjoy intercourse longer and provide your partner with more pleasure. Instead of rushing towards a climax, you are in control. You can take the time to bring your partner to a higher state of arousal so that she is longing for even more.

Slowing down and respecting your partner’s pace of arousal will give her more sexual fulfillment. Why is it important to make your partner happy in bed? For one thing, it shows that you care about how she feels. For another thing, she will be more enthusiastic about having sex in the future when she knows she will be thoroughly satisfied by the experience. Sounds like a win-win situation!

If you’re like many men, you’ve accidentally conditioned yourself to climax quickly. After all, when you masturbate in spare moments during the day, you learn to get things done fast, right? But when there’s a partner involved, you have to override that conditioning somehow.

Thinking about other non-sexual things is something a lot of men do to slow down their rate of arousal. As you probably know, your body reaches a certain point when ejaculation can’t be delayed any longer – it will happen. The trick, my friend, is to get close to that point but never quite there, allowing yourself to achieve orgasm only when you decide the time is right.

There are specific exercises you can do to prolong an erection and delay ejaculation. You may find it worthwhile to do a little research on the topic. For example, Tantric sex includes certain practices that help you control your sexual response, making it last as long as you want it to. In fact, it may come as a surprise to you but men can actually climax without ejaculation and without losing the erection. Men who’ve learned this skill often describe the experience as a whole-body orgasm.

The idea might seem strange or even unnatural at first. But you’ll soon realize the benefits of slowing down and delaying ejaculation. Possessing this type of self-control definitely puts you a cut above the average fellow. Your partner is certain to appreciate passion that lasts a little longer and gives her more pleasure.







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