Is It Time for a Makeover?

Are you middle age and living with a 1980s hairstyle? Though most of the fashion fads of the 90’s could still hold their own, I personally hope that scrunchies never make a fashion come back! Headbands should be banned, and big hair is a thing of the past, so good lord, leave it there. Have you worn the same clothes for so long that they’ve made a come back? It’s time to bring sexy back! Lingerie is not flannel pajamas, shop for all of your women’s intimate apparel needs. Newsflash,..Izod now goes by’ Lacoste.’ If you are wearing Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans, or Levi’s, you have bigger issues than I can write about. If you have on a pair of Wranglers you need a miracle. (unless you are living in Texas, own a cattle ranch or you are a cowboy, I think everyone still wears them,… and to all of you, the Wrangler Company thanks you for keeping them in business!)

Listen, I don’t mean to make anyone feel bad, but if you answer yes to 2 or more of the above issues, we’ve got a lot of work to do. If this sounds like you and your closet is filled with sweatshirts, turtlenecks and pants that are baggy and not at all form-fitting, you need help! Call in your friends that are hip with the times and ask them to help you make some changes. My guess would be that they would jump at the chance to give you a new ‘do.’ Wouldn’t you just wish you could walk into a dressing room, spin around three times and miraculously change your appearance? Who wouldn’t? That certainly would be nice. It’s really not as difficult as it looks! If you look at the mirror and you don’t like what you see…honey, it’s time for a change.

Are you growing tired of your hair, skin, body shape or size, or even just the style of your clothing? If you are experiencing any of these thoughts and feelings, you may enjoy learning how to do a makeover yourself.

How you feel about your body image has a substantial effect on how you feel about yourself as a person. Everyone needs a boost to his or her body image once in a while. And, it just feels good to make some changes to your personal appearance.

How To Do A Makeover Yourself:

My current recommendations and choice picks for the best, most popular makeover solutions are below.

  1. Start your makeover with a good look at your skin. A clean, smooth complexion is the base of a glowing face, so assess the condition of your skin. There are a variety of make ups and skin care products that can totally change and enhance the appearance of your face. If you aren’t wearing make up now, realize this,…you don’t need to look like a clown, so go simple. Men don’t like a woman with 4 layers on her face. A man wants to see a woman pretty natural (this way he knows what to expect when she gets out of bed in the morning)
  2. Experts agree that a new hair cut is a great way to change your look and boost your mood. Let it contour your facial features so that it accentuates every dimple, and curve.
  3.  Continue with the lower body makeover: legs, butt, hips and thighs. Paint your toes too!
  4. Your most powerful beauty tool is a big genuine smile! It’s enhanced by sparkling, lively eyes. Teeth not too white? Fine a beaching cream that you can use to fix this!
  5. Exercise; Nothing, and I mean nothing invigorates the body more than getting your blood to flow thru your veins. You’ll have more energy and you won’t poop out at parties!
  6. Eat a well-balanced diet. It will change the way you look and feel about yourself. Healthier is better! Cut out the crap.
  7. No makeover is complete without clothing. Go shopping and select an outfit that works for you. No more 1980s stuff…get with the times and keep it simple. Once you select your clothing, go buy sharp shoes and accessorize BIG TIME! You’ll feel like a million bucks! You;ll be surprise how much better it will make you feel, and your friends probably won’t recognize you!

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