The Techniques of Kissing…The Where’s and When’s

The 5 Keys:

There are times when you want that first kiss with someone to really be great, then they go and open their mouth and ruin it. Why is it that some men are so pushy? Are they in a hurry to get to a finish line, because I sure as shit don’t see the point. At my age, the kiss is generally worth the wait. I’ve found that in our younger days we were just wild and crazy, today, middle-aged and just looking for someone to make me smile is really all that matters. Even so, that first kiss could be the last first kiss if the guy is too into himself and all over you like ham on rye. Tell him to back off. A young lady that I work with recently told me a story of a really terrific guy that she liked. She was quite excited to spend some time with him getting to know him…then he opened his mouth and it all went to hell in a hand bag quickly. No girl wants to play tonsil hockey with a guy, and no one considers a real date going over his place and watching movies….PLEASE….save it for a girl who doesn’t care about her reputation,…Being pushy and lacking patience doesn’t sit well with me, nor should it with you!

Save your lips for the one that makes your heart skip a beat….then you’ll be happy that you listened to me.

1) Get your lips in proper kissing order. The most kissable lips are smooth and sweet, not dry, chapped and tense.

2)Look inviting and approachable. You might not realize it when you send a “leave me alone” message, so read up on How to Look Approachable! You don’t really want to be that person with ‘bitch’ written all across his/her face do you? Loosen up a little. Take a deep breath, isn’t so bad. Now, uncross your arms, keep your hands away from your face, make eye contact, and smile! Similarly, read his or her body language – is this person into you? Or does this person seem uncomfortable? This is KEY, so pay attention!

3)Break the “touch barrier.” Touch the person lightly on the arm or shoulder when you’re talking. Just make it a quick, innocent touch and don’t make a big deal out of it. Holding hands is also a good way to break the touch barrier. (Guys, you may want to read “How to Touch a Girl” for more ideas on how to break the touch barrier without overstepping boundaries. Girls, you may want to read “How to Touch a Guy”
for advice.) If everything is going well, try kissing the person on the cheek. If you find your lips near their ear (like if you’re hugging someone from behind, or whispering something to them) go in for a gentle kiss on the cheek and see how they respond.

4)Look at their lips. Make eye contact and then move your gaze briefly down to the person’s lips. Then move your eyes back up to meet theirs and smile demurely. You don’t have to be really obvious about it. Want to really turn them on? Lick your lips while you are gazing at theirs…it will drive him insanely crazy! Many people will take the hint, especially if they’ve read one of the many articles that lists this as a sign that a person wants to kiss or be kissed?

5)Approach for the kiss. Depending on your starting position you may need only to turn your head, or you may need to lean in a bit. You may want to use your hands to gently urge your partner’s body or head into position—you just want to guide his or her movement a little, you don’t want to forcibly move any part of his or her body or hold your partner in an uncomfortable position—but in general you just want to position yourself correctly and let your partner meet you. As you near your partner’s lips, maintain eye contact…and there you have it, badda bing badda boom you kiss him/her!


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