He Can’t Love You Like I Love You…

Back in the day, The Michael Stanley Band outside of Cleveland Ohio sang a song about love….and with most jingles, they have a tendency to really stick in your head. Often, certain things (stories, songs, memories) have a way of taking you back to your past……the song is about love. He wants to captivate your heart and be your man. It’s called; “He Can’t Love You”…..”like I love you!” Ok, hot shot, so here’s your chance…..how do you show a woman that you are the one and that you are all that she needs? She must believe that she will be happiest ever if she loves you. You need to get in shape both mentally and physically.You are fit and trim; you are brimming with lucky projects and comic arcana; you are light-hearted, and set on bringing her pleasure — of course with all of your fine qualities,she will want to be yours! Still, some men have trouble with the very first words. Deep breath, inhale, exhale….and speak from your heart, not from your wallet or from your pants. Make eye contact with her, and smile, and then: say hello! Simple, sweet and universal.

Rule #1 Flirt…..Flirting….goes without saying it is like drinking,cooking and sex — is a pastime that is fun, yet seldom grows tiresome, even after years. We flirt to be silly or to try to get someones attention that we are interested in. Flirting raises our esteem as well as our ego, but in a fun way!

Its four constituent components are humor, compliments, teasing, and empathy. We’ll talk about these briefly……. First we must discuss the seductive conversation by “listening.” I love a man who listens to what I say….not who pretends to listen, but who actually listens….How low have we set this standard in the national intellectual life, and how low are our personal standards for sexual gratification, that the capacity to “listen” ranked considered sexy?

Gentlemen,…. If you want to keep a woman around as a lover for more than a day or two, you will want to befriend her; Do you know what friendship involves? Be her friend and listen to what comes from her lips and from her body gestures (these for future reference.)……You can bet your right nut that she’ll be testing you,….. so ask her questions, lots of them….about her childhood, her family and friends. She wants to see if you are showing or lacking compassion skills. If you are lacking, better get your ass armor on because yours is about to get kicked to the curb!

Rule #2 Humor…..This is a MUST HAVE…..You do not need to be hilarious to create the right mood — make surprising remarks that one might not expect to hear in a joking sort of way. This usually is enough to raise a smile…and a smile is just what you need. Just be lighthearted, she’ll enjoy getting to know the silly you.

Rule #3 Compliments ……You should never be short for compliments! Give her lots of them,…but know when enough is enough. No woman likes a man with over-kill.

Rule #4 Teasing …..As long as it does not upset her, you should tease her, and tease yourself, it’s good to laugh and this determines your soon to be boundaries.

Rule #5 Empathy…If I have to tell you how to show empathy and compassion, you don’t need my non-professional advice, you need some serous counseling. She will remember the little things that you did, and she’ll remember that you were there for her during these difficult time.

From the moment you meet, your actions should reflect your masculinity and your tenderness. That way, from the get-go she associates you with sensual pleasure as well as true happiness! Love is in the air, and your possibilities are endless……this is her fairy tale, ……if you wish to put the bibbity back in her bobbity boo….Don’t wait Prince…take this golden opportunity to win not only her affection, but her heart as well! Sometimes you only get one chance.



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