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We take great pride in letting you know that…we’ve separated ourselves from all the other companies that try to recruit you as consultants to book parties and to sign up sales representatives under you…In fact, our desire is to ‘keep it simple!’ We want to make this fun and exciting with inspiration for you to set your own goals at your own pace!

Have a Simply Delicious Lingerie Party- Earn Extra Cash- We pay YOU Commission for your sales!

Host a Party!

As a host/hostess, you are representing our organization by having the most exclusive, talked-about party amongst your friends…but that isn’t the only benefit. When you host a party, you earn cash commissions for your total  party sales, free lingerie, and a chance to win a tropical vacation from Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie! We don’t have the inventory to cart around…we give you catalogs and you use the internet by logging onto either of our two sites and placing your order. This is the best way to keep things private.

How do I ‘Host a Party?

Email us now and we’ll help you set it up…all you have to is make the guest list and plan the get together at your home or a selected location determined by you. Do remember…. the more women at your party, the more exciting it will be! It’s also a great way to get out for a few hours and laugh with the girls. We recommend having at least 10 women present, so invite all your girlfriends, coworkers, and family members and tell them to bring a guest or two with them! The more guests you have, the greater your party total, and the more cash you’ll make and you’ll get $100 in FREE lingerie. Just remember, parties are for ladies 18 and over only! However, if there are a few guests whose friends could not make it, have them view the website to select their order. Just remember that all of your guests need to be emailed to our office so that we can be certain that you are credited for each and every one at the party.

How do I get started?

Selling lingerie at a party that you host whether it be a house party, an internet party, or a catalog party will be fun, exciting and financially rewarding! We want to compensate you for assisting us in our company growth. Our success depends on you and we want to add some incentives to sweeten the deal!

——Feel free to email us anytime at;

— (Owner/CEO)

— (Managing Director) (Fashionista Expertise) (Customer Service Lingerie Connoisseur)

—Simply supply your hostess with your guest list, and she’ll do the rest—from organizing the details to supplying the entertainment. So what’s the best part? As a hostess you’ll receive perks and benefits! You’re name will also go into a drawing for winning a 4 day trip for 2 to a tropical destination and another $100 in free lingerie! The more parties you host, the more you’ll make, and the better your chances of winning the getaway!

As a host/hostess am I obligated to buy products?

No! You are never obligated to buy products at a Simply Delicious/Luscious Lingerie Party. However, as a  Host/Hostess you will receive free products! Just for hosting a Catalog/Web Site Party we offer you great gifts and cash commissions. Our guess is that  once you host one Simply Delicious/Luscious Lingerie Party, we guarantee, you’ll be hooked and we hope that you will book other parties in the near future!

How Much is the Commission? It can be as low or as high as you want it to be. That  all depends on you and how many people are  invited to the part, and what their total sales  are. The higher your party sales, the more free gifts you will receive.  Start making your wish list now, talk to your Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie team member about what you’d like to receive for free, and she’ll help you put your plan in place…

Here’s What Each Party Sale Can Earn YOU

Sell Under $250.00 – You get 10% commission + $25 in free lingerie from either Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie!

Sell between $251.00-$499.99 and receive 15% commission + $50 in free lingerie from either Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie.

Sell between $500-$1499 and receive 18% commission + $75 in free lingerie from either Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie.

Sell $1500-$2500 – and get 20% commission + $100 in lingerie from Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie.

—Sell  over $2500 and get 25% commission and $125 in free lingerie!

Want  Even Bigger Incentives?

**As hosts and hostesses for Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie we want to give you a boost, a reward if you will…something that will encourage you to sell, sell, sell! Everyone loves gifts and travel

** When you book 10 parties or more in your name within 1 calendar year where your guests spend over $1000 on each party, we’ll also give you $500 in free lingerie or the cash if you prefer.

**When you book 20 parties under your name  in 1 calendar year  where your guests spend over $2000 at each party, we’ll also give you $1000 in free lingerie lingerie or the cash if you prefer to use as spending money along with a weekend getaway trip to a fantasy destination for 2!

What are you waiting for….contact us today and let us help you get on your way to hosting a party and earning extra cash and free lingerie!! We look forward to working with you!


Michele Savin, Owner/CEO

Simply Delicious Lingerie & Staff

©This is a copyright of Simply Delicious Lingerie


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