Host a Lingerie Party… Earn Cash Commission!

No one else offers what we’re about to…We are so sure that this will be successful that we want to share our profits with you in the form of cash commissions! That’s right, you host a party and we’ll pay you cash! No Consultants, no signing up sales agents under you. We’re keeping it simple! It’s easy to do and fun! Watch for our Press Releases coming soon! 

Sign up today…Here’s how easy it is;

1. There’s no prep work for the hostess! Cleaning the house or office for all of the guests is not top priority as everyone will logging in online.
2. No need to worry about serving food and beverages as everyone will be bringing their own with them to their computer!

3. It’s easier to get a large group of people together. As we all know it can sometimes be challenging to get together a large group of your friends. But with a simple click of the mouse you can get a large number of your friends together in a chat for your party!

4. You can be in your dress clothes straight from work or in your PJ’s with your glass of wine at the online party and no one will ever know what you were wearing to the party. Kick back, relax, and shop
away (or sell away!) 

5. Online parties are a green alternative to the traditional party as no one will be driving to the party! At Simply Delicious Lingerie, we’re all about finding ways to promote going green!

6. There’s less paperwork involved as customers/party guests can order directly from the representative’s website.
7. No organizing the product and sorting through the orders that the guests purchased (and tracking down your friends, as typically the hosts will get the orders shipped directly to them and they’ll distribute it! If your guests are out of town/state, no problem, we’ll ship it directly to them!)

8. All of your friends from across the country can attend your party! 

9. More commission to make with increased sales from the party, the percentages go up and so does your check from Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie!
10. Last but not least….There is absolutely no clean up! The only thing you will have to do as a host is thank your guests, shut down your computer and wait for your commission!

Need more details? Email me today and ask how you can get started making commission off of every party you put together! We’d love to share our profits with YOU! Host a Party! We’ve got oodles of Party Pleasures!

Thank You,

Michele Savin, Owner

Simply Delicious Lingerie

Simply Luscious Lingerie  

Inquire on our website @ “Contact Us”





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