Sexy Date Foods…

When a man asks a woman out on a date, trying to choose the right location is crucial, but so is the food that you select for the special occasion. Knowing if your date has any food allergies is also important just the same, otherwise you may have a real mess on your hands that you weren’t expecting. How a women chooses to act on your date should catch your eye, and you should pay close attention. If a woman is soft spoken, or seems a tad bit nervous, ask her if she would like a glass of wine to help loosen her up… if you are the tense one then perhaps you should have a glass as well. There are a variety of foods that are great foods to order while on a date. Remember that a man loves to be tempted and teased, so eat your food tastefully, slowly and sexy!

If you really want to impress your man, order a steak. Hopefully it isn’t going to break his wallet!  We’ve been told that when a girl knows how to cut a steak, it’s insanely sexy. I’ll have 5 steaks please! Don’t jab it with your fork, don’t hack it with a knife, and certainly don’t swallow a four-inch piece of meat. Take soft bites and savor that tasty piece of meat. When a man sees you take control of a steak, it’ll make him think of your taking control in the bedroom later on, and what’s more sexy than that?

If your date takes you to a nice Italian restaurant, have no shame in enjoying a plate of pasta. When done correctly, eating pasta can be very sexy. We suggest opting for a variation that’s easy to eat and won’t end in a messy, not-so-romantic “Lady and the Tramp” moment Potato gnocchi is a great choice. If you’re at a true Italian restaurant, they’ll whip up these delicate little pillows of potato from scratch, top them with a secret sauce, some silky mozzarella and transport you straight to Italy. You’ll look sexy eating it and sipping on your glass of wine.

When we asked men what the sexiest food a woman could order on a date is, almost all of them responded, “Not salad.” Despite this, we couldn’t resist including salad on our list. While ordering a salad does give off the impression that you’re a health-conscious herbivore and it will likely make your man feel uncomfortable for ordering his 1.5 pound hanger steak (which he shouldn’t), we say it’s okay to play it on the skinny-side. While men claim they like a girl who has no reluctance to order a hearty steak, we also know they like a girl who takes care of her body and watch what she eats. So, if you do decide to order a salad on a date, just know that for better or for worse, it comes with a side order of judgment!

You can’t go wrong ordering a beautifully cooked filet of salmon on a date. The methodology is two-fold: You won’t be judged for ordering a plate of leaves, and you won’t have to worry about throwing off that diet you slaved all week to maintain. It’s hard to beat the buttery texture and pink perfection of salmon, and it’s packed full of Omega-3’s to boot. Look at it this way, you stay healthier for him taking care of you! My grandmother used to say ‘you are what you eat.’

After a glass of wine, you’ll start to relax and enjoy yourself on the date. And when you’re relaxed, you’ll be yourself, which will naturally give off a sexier vibe, and trust me, he will most definitely like that…a lot!

If you’re not at a fancy French restaurant, we say it’s okay to order a burger. It may not be the most elegant of foods to order on a date, but it’ll show your man that you can let loose and enjoy the many flavors of life. And if he brought you to a burger joint in the first place, he’s probably not looking for a high-maintenance, calorie-counting drama queen (not to say there’s anything wrong with watching what you eat); but really, he’s looking for a girl who can hang with the guys. And while we support the theory that eating a burger can make you look sexy we wouldn’t oppose your asking the waiter to hold the French fries; it’ll show that while you do have a wild side, you still care about your body and what your man thinks of it. The hell with that…I love fries, they’re the best part. This would then explain why I might not make it to date #2?

Figs are an aphrodisiac food, …but not in the obvious kind of way, but you certainly won’t find me eating them. However, in addition to them being visually erotic, they’re full of manganese, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc, which are all vital for sexual health.

If you want to literally scream sexy, just order the world’s most well-known aphrodisiac. You won’t have to worry about any miscommunication at the dinner table, and the bill will certainly come quicker and it’ll be a whole lot cheaper due to the fact that you were about to hit the ground running for the door to get the car and go back to your place.

Chicken is one of the safest bets for a dinner date: it’s easy to eat, lean, and it isn’t smelly. But we also see it as the “vanilla” of meats. So, if you order the chicken, make sure it’s the chef’s special to avoid coming off as “vanilla” on your date. Have it prepared a little differently to spice it up a bit.

Sushi is a great date food if you stay away from the king-size sushi rolls. Not only do sushi restaurants provide a lively, authentic date environment, but there is a certain gracefulness to the Japanese cuisine. After marveling at your meticulously crafted platter of sushi, take the opportunity to show off your chopstick skills by popping a “you-have-got-to-try-this!” roll right on your date’s tongue; pretty soon he’ll be asking for a taste of you, too. (truth be told, this was not my suggestion, in fact, I love sushi but I use a fork or my fingers. Those damn chopsticks take forever for me to get the hang of and by the time I generally do, he is waiting for me to finish eating so that we can leave. I’m sorry, no matter how hard I try I can’t eat with sticks.

Seared Scallops or Shrimp
Mild but sweet, firm yet fine, these slippery sea creatures are easy to eat and full of flavor. When seared just right, the outside crunch will catch your mouth and the buttery inside will make it melt; much like we hope your date does!!

Risotto requires slow, careful preparation. When cooking, things can easily go awry, but done just right, risotto is an unforgettable dish (hopefully just like the one sitting across from you).

Cappuccinos are a delicious night cap, and if you shamelessly choose to let just a bit of foam linger on your upper lip just for the purpose of licking it off, we certainly won’t find any reason to judge you.

Ice Cream
Ice cream cone … licking it from top to bottom, ahhh … you get the picture.

Anything Dark Chocolate
Nothing screams sexy like dark chocolate: chocolate-covered strawberries, molten chocolate lava cake … the list goes on. It may seem like the easy way out, but the rich taste and disarming texture of dark chocolate will stimulate the senses, rev up the libido and make seducing your date just another (sexy) walk in the park. Plus, it shows you like dessert, which, to any worthy man, is never a turn-off.

If you prefer, as I would, prepare dessert for her back at your place! (if she is comfortable that is) everyone loves Reddi Whip and handcuffs. Nothing says’ take me’more than this does and believe me, you’ll be home in no time flat!

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