Love…Is it an Investment?

Can love really last the test of time? My grandmother used to tell me that love was like a roller coaster ride…a wild and exhilarating thrill  that you never wanted to end! Life and Love go together hand in hand, sort of like peanut butter and jelly, or bacon and eggs. You can’t have one without the other. It’s like looking for a missing piece to your puzzle, wanting to make it fit just perfectly. Marriage is a wonderful thing but marriage is not easy and if someone tells you that it is, they were living in some fantasy land. Marriage is hard work. It’s a lot of give and take. It’s a lot of laughing, crying, and shouting at times. The problem is in today’s world that people don’t want to work hard to make something run smoothly. It’s like out with the old and in with the new.

I am sure you have heard people say from time to time; “We are going through a rough patch, and I don’t know what to do about it.” My advice (and it is not professional advice, just my own common sense advice) -try to work it out, and if you cannot, seek someones help (a true professional) to see if you can resolve some of  the issues. Don’t wait until you start hitting the bumps and bends…don’t wait until your ride gets too off track and seems too late to stop. The problem is that people don’t want to stay on the ride anymore through the ups and downs, they just want to get off. Love is thrilling and exciting. It is a nervous tension all bundled up inside of you that makes you act silly around your partner/spouse. When do people go too far though thinking that they are owed something back for all of this hard work? There is a fine line between giving love and expecting something in return. Love is not about giving and wanting to get something back. It is unconditional and needs no rendering. Some people really have their priorities screwed up!

I’ve listed a few suggestions that everyone should read and follow:

Are you always there for your partner? Did you know that husbands and wives who have supported one another in their marriages are happier. On the flip side of all this; feelings of insecurity are generally associated with lower satisfaction, and in some cases may spark conflict in the relationship. This can manifest into obsessive love. To build a successful marriage, both spouses need to be there for each other. They need to work hard to keep the doors open to communication, and they need to listen. Marriage isn’t about talk, talk, talk, no one wants a yapper 24/7. Marriage is about keeping your mouth shut sometimes even if you have to put a sock in your mouth and LISTEN to what your partner is telling you. Maybe they really do need something and you’re too busy blabbing about what you want, want want. How do I know this? It happened it me. I have learned from my own past mistakes that marriage is certainly not easy. If you do it just for shits and giggles or to get a better tax return, you are in for a big surprise. If you do it for all of the right reasons,…you know for LOVE, then it is like an investment of sorts. You are pretty much putting all of your eggs in one basket which for me was difficult because my grandmother taught me to never put them all in the same basket. She said spread them around. Listen, that’s a lot easier to do with eggs. With marriage, you have one partner for life and you can’t have additional ones while in this commitment, unless of course you are a bigamist.

Do you know the “Stages of Love”

Do long-term romantic relationships go through distinct stages of love? Sure they do! The passionate love at the beginning can’t be sustained throughout the whole marriage! Although it can provide more passion and enjoyment if you wear sexy lingerie from Simply Delicious Lingerie. That will always keep the spark in a marriage and some heat in the bedroom! If partners are aware of the “highs and lows” in love, the happier they’ll be for the long-term (because they won’t have unrealistic expectations for romance or passion). Communication is a key factor, so make sure that you always talk to your partner! Sure there are stages, but they should be growths in your marriage, not steps backward. Don’t wait until it is too late to try to figure out what might or might not have gone wrong. It’s like having asthma. Don’t wait until you can’t breathe…you know that feeling-when you feel like you just got the wind knocked out of you? Act fast! Same goes with relationships, don’t wait until he/she says ‘it’s over’ to try to fix it. By then, it’s far too late and the damage has been done already.

Let Go of the Little Things in a Relationship

The trivialities of daily life can undermine a loving relationship. Instead of getting caught up in details that are likely petty and unimportant, focus on the big picture! For example; it is not urgent that the car gets washed today, or right now! It’s not urgent that the floors be mopped and the garage get cleaned out….you’ll survive until tomorrow or the next day if this doesn’t get done right now! Stop harping on your partner to do these stupid little things that really have no bearing in a relationship at all…what they cause is arguments and you don’t want that because small arguments without communication end up getting bigger and bigger and then a few days have gone by and you still aren’t speaking and NOTHING has been resolved. My suggestion…don’t sweat the small stuff, it’ll get done. There will always be a “Honey Do” List on the fridge…so really does it matter if that list doesn’t get addressed today or this weekend? NO!

 Do You have What it takes to Maintain a Strong Friendship in your Marriage?

To build romantic love, take time and energy to be friends with your husband or wife. Learn new things together, such as how to make sushi, how to use the computer or new programs, how to change spark plugs in the car or fertilize the yard. Show some interest for heaven sakes! It’s not all about YOU! Not when it comes to being in a marriage this is a 50/50 deal and a commitment to one another that you’ll be there for each other whether it’s dealing with a big family crisis or tuning up your car.

Take an adventurous vacation together somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go, break loose and have a ball! Act like kids…no one ever wants to grow up that quickly, although sometimes some of us are forced into it sooner. Read books together about companionship,  love and building a happy marriage, and discuss them in bed at night. I dated a guy once that sat up with me until 3 am listening to me read books about marriage, relationship and why men and women do the crazything that they do and why we and act like we do. I am always gathering research for my blog articles. I really appreciated him doing that for me, and he always added his two cents but I appreciated hearing his point of views from a mans perspective. Make it a habit to talk to your partner and please, give your partner what he or she needs as much as possible.

Couples should strive for love with all the trimmings. Yes that’s right we love all the bells and whistles! Couples who’ve been together a long time and wish to get back their romantic edge should know it is an attainable goal, like most good things in life, but it does requires energy and devotion. Love is after all a very big investment. You invest in your partner like you invest your money and funds in a bank. You feel that they need to be well guarded and protected. You work hard to make your money grow and you do the same for your marriage/relationship. We don’t do all of this for years and years only to find that the other partner is tired and doesn’t want to play any longer. That’s when marriages fail.

Communication obviously shut down long before this point or somewhere along the line you could have discussed what was wrong, why you didn’t like something or why you were feeling like he/she was pulling away. Everyone is always so fast to blame the other. Especially family members who try to put a whole lot more than their own two cents in and generally they don’t know their own ass from a hole in the ground. They just like to hear themselves talk. People cannot just jump in and put blame on the other partner when they in fact have NO IDEA what truly caused this marriage to fail or have some major concerns. Sometimes people say that it just happened over night. I strongly disagree. These things take time and they diminish slowly but in a progressive pace. The problem is, that generally we are so much in love with that person that we can’t see the writing on the walls until it’s way too late! IT is too late because you did not guard your investment properly. Like a flower that needs air, and sunlight and water to grow…you forgot to give your marriage the things that it needed. Love is a two way street. If you give, you will get back without expectations.

Men’s Guide To Buying Women’s Lingerie

The #1 rule of thumb in the men’s guide to buying lingerie for women is to calm yourself down! Why?  Because I have no doubt that you have fantasized at least a hundred and fifty times about different sexy outfits you wish your significant other would wear for you. Did you know that the most common mistake that men make is to purchase lingerie that they love without thinking about what the woman would want? True…so you think it’s erotic and hot to trot…ask yourself this boys…would you be comfy wearing it? My guess is that your answer will be a big fat NO, then, think about your gal while shopping for a sexy seductive little number. Not sure what your woman actually would want? You can generally get a rather good sense by looking at what she already has. Keep in mind though that it is OK to go and be a little risky, just don’t go overboard. You want her to feel confident wearing it, not self-sconscious in it.

Sexy Lingerie

Women who typically wear sweat pants and a tee-shirt to bed will be happy with something comfortable. A complicated get-up with garter belts and stockings may not be the best choice. A cute, soft babydoll in a soft fabric such as silk will offer her comfort and be sexy. If you are hoping for something racy, you may need to begin simple and slowly work more fancy lingerie into the bedroom. See if she loves the babydoll and then progress from there.

If a woman already has a fairly good-sized collection of lingerie, this lets you know that she loves to dress up and will appreciate something spontaneous. There are many exotic, fantasy lingerie sets that this type of woman probably will love, but may want her man to buy for her. In this case, that cute sexy matching set  just might do the trick.

Rule #2 in the men’s guide to buying lingerie for women is to consider the woman’s size and the self confidence level of the woman. Not every female looks like a super model and a woman with a fuller figure may not be overly enthusiastic to slip into a tiny, silky g-string. If a woman generally wears shorts but covers up her top half, she may be self conscious about her arms or stomach. In this case you will want to choose a piece of lingerie that offers that same. If a woman is comfortable in jeans and a tank top, she may be a bit self conscious about her legs or rear. In this case, a beautiful lingerie set with a matching robe can be the perfect choice. In this way, the woman has control over how much is exposed.

Rule #3 in the men’s etiquette to buying lingerie for woman is to know your woman’s size is. Take a peek in that laundry hamper or her lingerie drawer; tags on bras are generally near the clasp, panties and garters on the back rear area. Lingerie that actually fits will be much more appreciated than any that needs a lot of wiggling to fit into. Select for her something at Simply Delicious Lingerie that makes her smile and feel romantic and full of sexual energy!





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Facts are facts and there is NO denying it…Men love to look at women in sexy lingerie. Some are even obsessed actually, and why wouldn’t they be? With all of the selections and choices that are out there in the market today, any woman has the ability to look great, feel classy and wear confidence.  Advertisers are certainly well aware of  this. About a year ago I wrote an article entitled “Does Sex Sell?” It was and still is one of the highest hit blog articles that I’ve written…. Since June 2011 I’ve written for two blog sites well over 1000 articles. Advertisers post what they think people like to see, and in most cases, it’s all good, but where is the line to be drawn and how close do you have to get to that line without getting scolded for inappropriate behavior, borderline porn in the advertising and marketing industry?

Sexy lingerie does not need to be seen as borderline over the top dirty, but we DO love provocative! Sure it catches ones eye, but it’s also developing a reputation along with it. As much as I think that there are a lot of lingerie products and lines out there that could certainly be real money makers for me, I am sticking with my guns and going with style, class and affordability. Sex sells just the same at $29.99 as it does in the hundreds of dollars…and guess what? You can buy more of it at that price. I sell luxury lingerie that won’t break your bank designed by a private label. Celebrities wear this lingerie so honestly it has nothing to do with price and EVERYTHING to do with style and class.This collection that we sell has been featured in People Magazine, Playboy, Glamour, Life & Style, InStyle, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, FHM, VH1, Fox TV, and the Oxygen Network. Our fascinating apparel and intimates have celebrity fans such as Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Denise Richards,Tera Patrick, Kendra Wilkinson, Lucy Hale, Janice Dickinson, and Naya Rivera from Glee.

Women want to feel good about themselves. When a woman feels good, she looks sexy, and sexy sells! Carrie Amber Intimates design women’s intimate apparel for all women and all size. Just because some women are plus size does NOT mean that they can’t wear something that an average shape woman does. My line comes in OS, S,M, L, XL and 1X-4X. There is something for everybody and what you see on a size Medium model you can find on our model in a 3X just the same. Just because you are a different size does not mean that you should be punished and made to wear ugly lingerie that someone designed with no heart. My company is all about HEART. It’s about giving the customers what they want. Many of my friends are plus size and they came to me years ago telling me how difficult it was to find something pretty to wear as there was no plus size lingerie with character and charm. Isn’t that a shame? I listened, and learned and now I bring to you two very special lingerie boutiques online where you can shop day or night, in the privacy of your own home, from your bed or from your office. My heart told me to help these girls and that is just what I set out to do. Check out both of my stores. I believe that you will really like what you see, especially the prices!

Do all women look great and feel great in lingerie? Most do, but we all seem to have our own issues and insecurities. Women who have small breasts may find it difficult to buy flattering lingerie that is sexy. Do not be afraid to wear sexy lingerie when there are styles that make your boobs appear larger. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable about the size of your hip, thighs, and or ass? This can be a problem, but don’t be so hard on yourself ladies…none of us were born the same, but we are ALL women and we all know how to ‘work it!’ Don’t try to hide what you don’t like, get it out there and use it, you’ll feel more comfortable and less insecure. Men love women in lingerie, believe me, they aren’t looking for ever flaw that you have or that you know you have…when they are with you they want to see hot passion, glamorous sex appeal and a woman who is ready to pull out all the stops! So do have that Reddi Whip and a pair of hand cuffs ready for some hot fun!

There really is no definitive answer to the question: “What type of lingerie do men really like to see?” It depends on the man. There are as many favorites as there are pieces and styles of lingerie.

Here are 3 Tips for Choosing Lingerie That Men L-O-V-E!!!

1 Color

* Black, white and red are the easiest colors to be worn, making them the popular lingerie  at Simply Delicious Lingerie or Simply Luscious Lingerie. If you already own these colors, go to my websites for more options and a larger selection. Our prices will knock your socks off! $9.99-$29.99 for all lingerie pieces! Accessories and bachelorette gifts in our  Bachelorette Budwa at Simply Delicious Lingerie range in various prices.

* If you are blonde, go for pastel colors. If you’re redhead, go for earth tones, and if you’re brunette then go for solid colors like dark blue and emerald-green. Personally, I adore black, hot pink, red and white.

2 Comforts

The lingerie fabric determines the comfort offered by the undergarment. There are many different types of fabrics used for making these elegant pieces, including but not limited to:

* Satin * Lace * Velvet * Sheer mesh

3 Body Type

Like you choose your swimwear, your lingerie should be chosen according to your body type. It should highlight your appealing features and downplay your physical flaws. For those with a slightly bulging tummy, sexy lingerie with sheer offering covering on the area is the best option. You can always find an endless variety of styles to suit to each and every type of feature your body has.

Remember Guys; Make sure that the lingerie flatters the shape of her body and accentuates her curves. There are many different body shapes and not all types of lingerie are right for every body shape. The idea is to look sexy – not forced, unflattering, and uncomfortable. Keep it simple for most occasions. It’s not really considered foreplay to spend ten minutes unhooking, unzipping, or unsnapping. There may be special occasions when that is sexy, but know what is involved in undressing before you dress.


Read up on what each lingerie piece is boys! On either of my webpages you can find Lingerie Lingo or I’ll just give you the link here and it will make it easy on you. Pay close attention to you ladies wants and needs and DO learn her likes and dislikes. You wouldn’t want to wear something that rode up your ass that you were uncomfortable in or that turned out to be a size too small so for goodness sakes…know her style, and her measurements. These days you should be able to shop for lingerie, in private, so we bring our store right to you in the privacy of your office, or bedroom. Learning about lingerie is like learning the stock market. Think of each piece as a code name or trade name, Learn how to name it correctly and then have fun removing it. Want to get even more risky? Try our sex swings for a wild night of passion and fantasy! Here’s the link for you! Surprise her with one of these and some beautiful lingerie! Isn’t it time to get shopping boys? Find your special lady a piece of two of her favorite style lingerie. Don’t forget stockings and garters! I’m here to assist you, so please…if you need some help just ask me! I’m a woman and this is what I know!

** Check out my other BLOG at either of my websites. You can find it at the top of the homepage. We work with several affiliates and offer BIG discounts on a lot of things…need a sugar daddy or a sugar baby? I have contacts at several websites and I have provided links for you to sign up for free to take a peek! Scroll down on the page and find a variety of affiliates. products, and services that I offer.

Sexy Lingerie and Self Esteem

People ask me often, why do women love beautiful lingerie? Ok,that should be a no brainer, but the reason is primarily because it makes them feel sexy and it gives them a great sense of self-esteem. Having beautiful lingerie that we have purchased ourselves or if our significant other has bought for us is a really great feeling. There is no hidden secret that women love lingerie and that men like seeing women in lingerie. A good style and color of lingerie can really hemp a woman feel comfortable wearing it and she will be more inclined to wear more and experiment more in different styles.

There are a variety of styles that you can choose from in sexy lingerie such as babydoll, bustier, corsets, teddy, chemise, cami sets, sexy matching sets, tutus, fantasy costumes! These are beautiful pieces of women’s intimate apparel but not all women look good in the same selection. Your figure has a lot to do with it, and the color of the piece also has something to do with it. For instance, I love black, reds, and white. These colors suit me best. I’m not into the jade greens, powder blues and violets. Those colors would not at all look good on me. Every woman has a specific color and style that makes her feel pretty and special wearing. If you don’t feel good about what it is that you are wearing, you won’t have good self-esteem because you don’t feel right wearing it. Find what makes you look and feel your best, when you do that confidence will shine!

Our collection is sassy, sexy and flirty. It sells at both of our boutiques; Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie. This collection from a private label designer has been featured in People Magazine, Playboy, Glamour, Life & Style, InStyle, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, FHM, VH1, Fox TV, and the Oxygen Network. Our fascinating apparel and intimates have celebrity fans such as Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Denise Richards,Tera Patrick, Kendra Wilkinson, Lucy Hale, Janice Dickinson, and Naya Rivera. Don’t you owe it to yourself to check us out if we’ve been seen so many places and on so many different people? You too can look and feel glamorous and feel fabulous!

Back in the day the sexiest item a woman wore is the Corset and this was worn underneath the clothes. The Corset was designed to give the woman an hourglass figure that men loved to look at. Today the Corset is worn as a form of lingerie as well a day-to-day outfit. Several  years ago the corset also provided protection from a ladies waist from getting too large. Lingerie then and now was designed to improve the flaws that some women think that they have.

A woman is known to buy a certain piece of lingerie that will hide their flaws like their belly or legs. Wearing lingerie will help a woman feel sexy and give her a boost of self-esteem. When you buy fabrics like silk, lace or satin it can make you feel sexy because the materials are so soft and alluring. A good set of lingerie is one that has a sexy look, sexy style and a sexy feel. Women love to look beautiful but they want to be told that they look beautiful as well and wearing lingerie that their mate will love will bring out that response.

Lingerie as we have learned has two reasons, the first is that we women wear them to entice men into an intimate situation and the other is that it is a huge ego boost for the women.  It’s all about confidence! When we feel good on the inside we show it on the outside. Women will go all out and buy the accessories like stockings, heels, robes, gloves etc to bring out the sensuality of the outfit. I suggest shopping for your stylish lingerie at Simply Delicious Lingerie and Simply Luscious Lingerie (our plus size sister store) for beautiful, and affordable lingerie. Bring out your inner fantasy!

While we cannot wear sexy lingerie outside, there are some things that we can wear underneath our clothes that will help them feel sexy, some of these things are a camisole, lace bra and panty set or a nice set of stockings underneath their clothes. They can feel sexy in their clothes as well as out of their clothes.

Men Who Love Women Who Wear Lingerie…

What is it that men find so attractive in women? We all know that men are very simple creatures and there’s no better way to show them that you’re in the mood than by showing off your body for them.  It is very arousing to have a woman lying in the bed in some sexy lingerie and sometimes it is the more old-fashioned look that works the best. We all know that the simple things turn them on, so there is no need to go overboard in the lingerie department. Sometimes less is more. 


The psychology behind men wanting women to wear lingerie 

Men are visual, where a woman is more auditory, so men automatically are going to be drawn to a woman who is wearing sexy lingerie…and why not shop at Simply Delicious Lingerie for luxury lingerie at low prices. From $9.99-$29.99 you’ll find a wide variety of women’s intimate apparel that will suit everyone’s needs. 

Many times the lingerie will accept the areas of a woman’s body that a man already finds so attractive. He will want to watch as she walks around the room in her sexy lingerie and this will be a huge turn on for him. Another reason that a man likes a woman to wear sexy lingerie is so that his visual peaking can take place slower and draw him in as he removes each piece. He is in a sense unwrapping her like a special gift. When a man thinks about a woman he can see her in parts, the breast, and the behind each part of her he is able to see in snapshots. 
When a woman looks at a man or fantasizes about him, she sees him in her mind as a whole or with a story line attached to it. This is one reason why men wearing silk boxers, brief or other body adornments have never really taken off in the heterosexual world, where as women wearing lingerie has been around for centuries.In research where men are with men, there will be more of a tendency for the other man to put on or accentuate parts of his body with leather, jewelry, and other paraphernalia to accentuate his finer parts.

You don’t need to necessarily wear the black leather dominatrix suit with stiletto boots.  For many people, traditional lingerie is sexy lingerie!  Obviously you will have to toss the granny panties but you can turn old-fashioned into hot.

Can Traditional Lingerie Be Sexy Lingerie?

You bet it can! Take the sexy silk lingerie look, for example.  No matter the color, silk dances exotically on a woman’s body.  Ruby red silk with black lace is particularly popular and sensual, especially when there’s a plunged neck.  In general, lace is attractive, alluring, and sexy for any man.  On top of the attractive physical appeal, lace feels good to the touch.  Lace is probably the most traditional and popular material for lingerie.

Lace continues to be popular even after centuries because of the way that it flows on the curves of the female body.  You can find lace lingerie that covers body parts or some that is see-through but even the transparent pieces are tasteful.  Any color lace can be sexy whether it is black, white, red, pink, or green.  Plus, matching lace bras with lace panties equals sexy lingerie! 

Any lingerie can be sexy, it is not what it is but how you present it.  Consider pin-up women, for instance, they are some of the sexiest women alive.  They wore old-fashioned lingerie, similar to granny panties but much more sexual.  The tops that they wore were generally old-fashioned, pointy-looking bras.  With a shirt on, this looks silly, however, when it is alone, it is sexy.  There is nothing sexier to a man than a pin-up woman.



Why Relationships Go Bad?

Why do relationships go south when they seemed to be going so well? Even worse, how are you going talk about this to people? Your perfect relationship, the one that was destined to last forever, just fell to pieces… and now, it’s over. How could you have let something so wonderful just slip through your fingers without even realizing it? You can ask yourself this until you are blue in the face.The truth is relationships fail for all sorts of reasons. However, there are a top four that tend to tell the tale of love gone wrong, and I am going to share them with you now.


It’s been said over and over again – “money is the root of all evil.” I believe that there is some truth to be told in that expression. Whether or not that is entirely true, it is indeed at the root of many relationship problems. Both partners need to be on the same page as far as money is concerned. Issues can arise when one person is a saver and the other is a spender. Any major purchases should be discussed and agreed upon prior to buying. Even daily expenditures can become a problem. Be sure you both understand where the money is coming from in your relationship and where it will go. Don’t let money be the most important thing in your relationship,…if you do, that isn’t love.


This will be the longest of the four that I have listed only because I believe that in any solid relationship, communication is KEY! Remember the song, ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’? Well, it does not work all the time. Communication in relationships is important if you want your loved ones to be with you all your life, and for this to happen it is important to express your feelings to them and let them know what they mean to you. Today, in our daily hectic schedule, we forget to pay attention to the needs of our loved ones. We are so engaged in our daily chores, that we start taking our relationships for granted. Effects of lack of communication in a relationship are such that it makes the bond of relationship weaker by creating doubts, and disrespect. It is better to discuss and sort out your problems in any relationship, instead of living in ambiguity and suspicion.

Why Communication is Important in Relationships Lack of communication with your partner can make you feel lonely and isolated. According to psychologists, such people tend to withdraw from social activities and are emotionally vulnerable. The consequences of lack of communication are such that it affects the whole personality of the human being, and it also affects his personal, professional and social life. It is observed by psychologists and human behavior experts, that relationships with good communication not only last longer, but people in such healthy relationships seem to be happier than people stuck in unhealthy relationships. Lack of communication affects your relationship with your family members, friends as well as at your work place. It can even break existing as well as potential relationships. These day people are individualistic and believe in personal space. But too much of space only widens the gap between people.

So express yourself to your loved ones, talk about the problems in your life, share your deepest fears and secrets with each other, and cherish the best moments of life together. It will make you come closer and will make you bond stronger. At the heart of money and all other issues is generally a lack of communication. Some couples don’t talk about things that bother them. Others talk, but their conversations tend to deteriorate into arguments. Another group tends to assume their partners can read their minds and should know what is at the heart of any problem. Obviously, this isn’t the case.Putting the time and the effort into reaching a level of communication that involves equal parts speaking and listening, as well as a healthy dose of understanding and a heavy coating of thick skin can go a long way towards keeping a relationship happy.


Just talking about a problem isn’t enough. Every problem needs a resolution. You have to work through it! Even the best communicators can fail at this point. If either side refuses to budge, all the talking in the world won’t fix things. Stop being so damn stubborn and try to fix this! Relationships require compromise and a lot of it. Even if a couple is perfectly in sync on every issue for a long time, eventually they will run across something they don’t see eye to eye on. This is where compromise becomes necessary. Both people need to be willing to give a little so they can reach a decision they are both able to live with. Remember, this is about two of you, not just one, so think about the other person involved here.


While it is wonderful to paint a picture of your relationship as existing in its own little bubble world, both people involved have families who were with them long before they met each other and will likely stick around for the remainder of their lives. The importance of this group of people cannot be ignored. They can be friends, confidantes, or even the measure against which your relationship is compared. Remember the old saying– “you don’t just marry the person, you marry the family.” Do not dismiss their family as unimportant. Do not try to break the bonds that exist between them. Instead, try to form your own bonds with the other person’s family. If that isn’t possible, at least try to keep your feelings about them from destroying the relationship you hold dear. There are certainly other problems that can affect and destroy relationships, but the above four are often at the heart of the issue. If those are kept in check, everything else can be dealt with as it comes along, and your relationship is likely to last as long as you want it to. Take my advice; Take the time to communicate and make it work!