Dreams and Ambitions

So often, we tend do associate “dream” to mean deepest desire, vision or ambition, and “follow your dreams” to mean pursuing your deepest desires.So what is it really? Peace of mind, contentment, hopefulness, well being? Well, what if “dream” were to be interpreted as internal wisdom, and “follow your dreams” meant to be guided and inspired in unique and profound ways by our internal wisdom?In life, sometimes we really only get one true chance to chase a dream. By doing so you are either moving forward, moving backwards, or you are standing still, feeling somehow that life is passing you by…that’s because it probably is!

In reality, moving forward, somehow feels better than going backwards or even standing still, certainly when viewed over a longer period of time.Unfortunately, many people spend most of their present moments in the past, and get stuck living their life as if they were looking back through the rear view mirror of their car. Here’s is some advice for you…As long as you allow the constraints of your present situation or past experiences, such as past failures or missed opportunities, to control your thinking process, you will never live to see your own dreams come true.Don’t think in reverse, because the past is a trail that is left behind. It is only when you decide to move forward or move on that you can become the mental architect of your own personal transformation. 

I was raised to dream big, so naturally I didn’t raise my children any differently. We all have ideas of what we want our lives to become. Some people want to get married and settle down, start a family, and some want to succeed in other ways such as in business. So where do you start? The first step is to get specific about what you want from life. Many people have a tendency to stagnate or drift in life, because they either don’t know what they want or they live their life fulfilling the expectations of others.In order to live your dream, stop believing in what is, and start believing in what you truly want! How you choose to live your life has everything to do with your chosen beliefs, through which you filter all of your experiences.For years after my divorce I dreamed of owning my own business. Even if that business was just a ‘mom & pop’ type business, it was my dream. Sometimes we get scared and don’t know how to act, or react on decisions. Some people fear falling flat on their faces. Look at me, you don’t see any broken bones do you? No, why? Because I fell so many times that I started bouncing back up. Mistakes and failures make us who we are. They build character and that determines what type of person we become. 

My life hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been terrible at all either. In fact, my life has taught me some valuable lessons that enabled me to teach my children. It taught me to fight, and to never give up on something that in your heart you felt so strongly about. We get knocked down,..sure we do, but it is all the more reason to get up and fight harder next time. Take my kids for example. Both so very different yet in many ways similar. They are unique and extraordinary in ways that I can’t even explain. They are givers like myself. The take pride in who they are both on the inside as well as the outside. 

They have traits that only a mother could be proud of. My son, my oldest who is 28 followed his dreams when he changed majors in college  justat the end of his first BS degree. He came to me and said “Mom, I want to do something else with my life so I signed up for school in Houston at the Art Institute!” My daughter, my youngest 26 had lived there after being relocated for a marketing/sales position and we visited her often. My son hated snow, and cold and loved palm trees, sunshine and fashion…so we packed out bags and moved to Houston. I was very ready for a change and warmer climate. It was time for my new beginning. He gave up all of his friends, a good job and family to pursue his dream knowing that he was going to live in NYC when this was all said and done. A few days ago, I moved him from Brooklyn to the upper east side of Manhattan. He works in retail in visual merchandising and he loves what he does. He also gets asked to work on movie sets for films shooting in NYC where he gathers costumes and wardrobes for actors/actresses in the films. He is becoming well known in Manhattan and loved by many. He is fulfilling his dreams and as a mother I couldn’t be more proud of him! 

My daughter, a marketing major from Michigan State lives in Houston Texas, and has resided there since 2008. Just two days her life changed as she moved to NYC where she too is about to embark on a new way of life and her own true bliss! She is pursuing her happiness, and as a mother, I couldn’t be more proud of her! You see, our children are an image of who we are in so many ways. I raised mine with the understanding that reality is what we make of it. You can sit back and watch your life go by, and complain that your life sucks or is ‘just average’ or you can make that decision to make a change in your life today that will have great impact on those around you. Don’t look back 20 years from now and wonder ‘what if?’ Tomorrow could change your life.

Look at my own life for example; My siblings are nothing at all like me and their careers in comparison to mine are like night and day. I am and always have been the black sheep of the family and I see that as a good thing, not a bad thing at all. My goals, objectives and realities are all mine. I make my desires and my dreams my destiny. 

What are your dreams? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Where do you see yourself 20 years from now? In life we will make mistakes. There is always wiggle room (as I tend to call it) to adjust and reevaluate things so that we can determine how to proceed. Owning my businesses was a big endeavor on my bucket list and another thing that I can now scratch off. Do you have a bucket list? Only you hold the key to your future. Only you can determine what/who will make you happy? 


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