4 Types of Women Men Want to Date

Is there a right or a wrong kind of woman to date? You bet there is. Most men that I know will tell me that it is extremely to find the right type of woman to date. First of all you should ask yourself  where am I looking? That could be a key factor in your situation. So what type is the ‘right’ type? Finding a good woman is not an easy task, especially in an era where lots of women are master manipulators who abuse their female sexual power and exploit male vulnerabilities. Not all women do this but I know of some that do. I know that this may sound harsh, especially coming from me, a woman, but I write about things that people ask me about and this is a hot topic lately. There are a lot of good women out there with traits that would make any guy happy.

This a list of the good types of women you should be dating:

1. The Independent Woman

The independent woman has a real life of her own and is happily going in her own positive direction. She’s the type who wants a man in her life, but doesn’t need a man in her life. An upside of dating this alpha woman is knowing that she is confident, she won’t rely on you for everything and she certainly isn’t looking for men to solve all her problems.

2. The Loyal Woman

This type of woman is ready to go to war with you and take on whatever obstacle life presents. She’s not the type that will be checking out other guys, but will keep her attention focused on you, the man in her life. Whether or not she’s up for first prize in a beauty contest, this type of woman will lift you up when you need it, provide constructive criticism to make you a better man and be on your side no matter what.

3. The Sweetheart

The sweetheart is a woman who’s positive, compassionate and gentle. She’s a genuine person who considers you in every situation. She’s always truly happy to see you and you find yourself looking forward to spending time with her. This type of woman is pretty rare, but if you can find one, you’ve got a real treasure on your hands.

4. The Low Maintenance Woman

The low maintenance woman is rational, not emotionally clingy, is comfortable doing things on her own and does not require constant reassurances. She really doesn’t care about how much money you have — she just likes you for you and not for what she can take from you. Unlike the high maintenance woman, she accepts herself as she is and is comfortable with her good points, as well as her bad ones, she feels the same about you.


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