Men Who Love Women Who Wear Lingerie…

What is it that men find so attractive in women? We all know that men are very simple creatures and there’s no better way to show them that you’re in the mood than by showing off your body for them.  It is very arousing to have a woman lying in the bed in some sexy lingerie and sometimes it is the more old-fashioned look that works the best. We all know that the simple things turn them on, so there is no need to go overboard in the lingerie department. Sometimes less is more. 


The psychology behind men wanting women to wear lingerie 

Men are visual, where a woman is more auditory, so men automatically are going to be drawn to a woman who is wearing sexy lingerie…and why not shop at Simply Delicious Lingerie for luxury lingerie at low prices. From $9.99-$29.99 you’ll find a wide variety of women’s intimate apparel that will suit everyone’s needs. 

Many times the lingerie will accept the areas of a woman’s body that a man already finds so attractive. He will want to watch as she walks around the room in her sexy lingerie and this will be a huge turn on for him. Another reason that a man likes a woman to wear sexy lingerie is so that his visual peaking can take place slower and draw him in as he removes each piece. He is in a sense unwrapping her like a special gift. When a man thinks about a woman he can see her in parts, the breast, and the behind each part of her he is able to see in snapshots. 
When a woman looks at a man or fantasizes about him, she sees him in her mind as a whole or with a story line attached to it. This is one reason why men wearing silk boxers, brief or other body adornments have never really taken off in the heterosexual world, where as women wearing lingerie has been around for centuries.In research where men are with men, there will be more of a tendency for the other man to put on or accentuate parts of his body with leather, jewelry, and other paraphernalia to accentuate his finer parts.

You don’t need to necessarily wear the black leather dominatrix suit with stiletto boots.  For many people, traditional lingerie is sexy lingerie!  Obviously you will have to toss the granny panties but you can turn old-fashioned into hot.

Can Traditional Lingerie Be Sexy Lingerie?

You bet it can! Take the sexy silk lingerie look, for example.  No matter the color, silk dances exotically on a woman’s body.  Ruby red silk with black lace is particularly popular and sensual, especially when there’s a plunged neck.  In general, lace is attractive, alluring, and sexy for any man.  On top of the attractive physical appeal, lace feels good to the touch.  Lace is probably the most traditional and popular material for lingerie.

Lace continues to be popular even after centuries because of the way that it flows on the curves of the female body.  You can find lace lingerie that covers body parts or some that is see-through but even the transparent pieces are tasteful.  Any color lace can be sexy whether it is black, white, red, pink, or green.  Plus, matching lace bras with lace panties equals sexy lingerie! 

Any lingerie can be sexy, it is not what it is but how you present it.  Consider pin-up women, for instance, they are some of the sexiest women alive.  They wore old-fashioned lingerie, similar to granny panties but much more sexual.  The tops that they wore were generally old-fashioned, pointy-looking bras.  With a shirt on, this looks silly, however, when it is alone, it is sexy.  There is nothing sexier to a man than a pin-up woman.




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